Shot entirely with the iPhone, today’s #WebSeriesWednesday show ‘Laps’ just goes to show that we are officially in the age of democratized entertainment. All you need is a little time and the desire to create – no more excuses – you just have to get your fat, lazy asses off the sofa, and out to the track to film!

iPhone: check

Steadcam: check

Little screw on wide angle lens adapter thing: check

Actors: check

Script: check

I loved ‘Laps’ – despite not having any explosions, Tom Cruise, or an extensive marketing campaign designed to get me to convince myself that I had to see it in order to fit in with the rest of my peers – ‘Laps’ is an inspiration.

‘Laps’ is the tale of a guy out to get himself into shape – to swear off his old vices and exercise his demons out on the track. This is a universal theme – we all go through tough times, we all have a desire to change ourselves for the better.

Maybe we are not all looking to lose 60 pounds like the main character Nathan does in this film – but it is about the goal, setting it and reaching it. The journey is not easy but if Nathan can do it so can the rest of us.

It’s not unlike film production – and this production in particular is a great example of that. There are no barriers to entry anymore – half of you already have an iPhone in your pocket. Maybe you don’t want shoot on an iPhone, but go ahead and watch this series and tell me it’s ruined by it. If anything Laps has a rather unique look because of the phone.

The only real challenge here was in writing a script this well. The show is not too long, about half an hour and at first I was concerned with its ability to create quality, believable characters.

The characters start out very much as stereotypes – and I was concerned it would stay that way – but then there is a really great moment around episode 4. In that moment it is clear that the characters see each other as stereotypes just as I did, all because they both have put up a sort of wall to keep others out. It is exactly at this point where these two stereotypes become human – they are so much more complex than we gave them credit for, they become real living and breathing characters.

This is the real challenge. Bringing some unique perspective, some story worth sharing. Everyone has this in them. No one who has lived any reasonable amount of time on this planet is without one brutally honest tale to tell. Articulating it well is the hardest part, no longer are people constrained by financial and technological limitations – and that is why web series are becoming one of the most important cultural movements in recent history. So go get off your ass and tell us your story. Stop arguing over what camera you need, or making excuses about not having enough money for every last piece of equipment. If ‘Nathan’ can lose 60 pounds for a role, what can you do?