A serious effort at an unserious web series about a serious attempt to end the life of a questionably serious person. Today’s #WebSeriesWednesday show was ‘Let’s Kill John Stamos!

Sadly John Stamos did not take part in today’s tweet-a-thon nor did he seem to take part in the web series. I can only hope he doesn’t take the show too seriously.

Let’s Kill John Stamos’ is something of a comedic take on web series themselves, as well as a potential critique on the popular modern search for fame – or perhaps I’m reading into it a tad too deeply. The show is about a couple of guys who are trying to become [in]famous by creating a web series documenting their attempts at killing John Stamos – filled copiously with jokes about making web series.

The show follows the two guys around their home, in their car, through the streets of LA and maybe a few other easily accessible places. There isn’t too much in the way of eye candy, but it is all shot and edited well. The real seller here are the jokes – and the bloody celebrities.

Unlike most web series these days, the group films their episodes one or two at a time and releases them as they make them. While they have the downside of having long delays between videos they have the upside of being able to tweek their production and learn from audience reaction. One of the first things they did was go from shooting one episode at a time, to two at a time, to cut down on the breaks between the shows.

The scope of the show is quite manageable – just a few characters & locations, and since they produce them in small bites it seems to have allowed them to make quality show after quality show. For people looking to create their first series without being able to jump all in this might be a production strategy to look at.

Let’s Kill John Stamos’ has 8 episodes released, and two more scheduled and on the way. Be sure to check out their youtube channel and help them on their quest (Stamos is still out there).