Back for its 2nd Season, The Inn goes further down the rabbit hole as Steve Silverman, creator of the critically-acclaimed, award-winning Pretty, continues to surprise audiences with his Hitchcockian influenced series, The Inn, launching now!  Two-time Emmy winner and creator of Venice The Series, Crystal Chappell, returns in the lead role of Jane, a woman on the run, with more than one secret to hide. Adding to the mystery is the addition of internet sensation Mark Gantt (The Bannen Way)  a man who may or may not hold the key to the truth of Jane’s past.

“We decided to tell this story over three seasons, with each season being five episodes ,” says Silverman, “today we launch the beginning of Season 2, where the mystery really starts to unfold. Highlights this season include Mark Gantt taking over the screen as “the mystery man” and digging deeper into Jane’s history….hold onto your seats!”

At the inn, Jane tells Riggs the truth. At the diner, a mystery man, played by Mark Gantt, gives Lola, the waitress, a different version. Who will you believe…INN?” The Inn follows the journey of a woman whose car breaks down off the beaten path and is forced to stay at the town’s local inn.  The blind innkeeper, the red ball, the windows that open and close on their own, the mystery boy who vanishes when one looks away, are only a few of the mysteries she encounters.  But perhaps the bigger mystery is who she really is and how this inn may be forcing her to realize it.

 “Jane is a very complex character.  She is at odds with everyone in this town and put into this environment that she has no control over.” say Crystal Chappell.  “Or does she?  I think that’s the joy of working on something like this.  You don’t know if you believe Jane.  Is she really a victim of her circumstances, are the people at the Inn conspiring against her, or is she the one to blame for all of it?”

Besides Chappell and Gantt, The Inn features Emmy nominee and daytime soap queen Denise Alexander and Chuck SloanRay ProsciaKyle David Pierce and Stuart Allan.  Due to the amount of fan buzz building around the series, the show was recently accepted in the first ever Hot as Hell Web Series Fan Festival this summer in Palm Springs, California.


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