What if aliens walked among us, and we didn’t know it? Specifically, what if aliens, who didn’t set out to destroy the human race, actually tried to save it, and help people live better lives? In the new sci-fi/fantasy web series GUIDES, created by Jenn Wilson, and produced by Wilson, Jenn Nangle and Karri Brantley, a group of extraterrestrial beings who possess human qualities (called “guides”) are on a mission to help the people of Earth evolve from their self-destructive ways, in time for the Galactic Alignment of 2012. Standing in their way, however, is a sinister group of aliens who seek to prevent them from achieving their goal of societal evolution. It’s a race against time for the guides to save the human race from destruction, and to steer them toward a greater sense of enlightenment.

GUIDES stars Wilson as the group’s leader, Cree. The cast also includes her cohorts, Dray (Alvin Lam) and MaKenna (Jenn Nangle), as well as their nemeses, Zyra (Patricia Fructuoso) and Koric (Eric Naroyan). The show debuted last November, with ten episodes set for its first season. Seven have already aired, with three more airing every Monday in June. An IndieGoGo campaign for the show’s second season will launch soon.

GUIDES was developed in the midst of last year’s hype surrounding the Mayan apocalypse, and was inspired by not only astrology, but by Wilson’s interest in the theory and study of ancient aliens. After Wilson created Nangle’s character, the two met to discuss the series. Says Nangle: “Jenn (Wilson) and I were sitting in Starbucks one day talking about my character and about the series, and a guy sitting next to us asked if we were a part of the government. We filmed a little video about this story.” (See link below). Unlike many shows that involve aliens, Wilson feels that GUIDES stands apart from all the others because of its positive portrayal of otherworldly beings. “We do not set up aliens as the ‘other force’ out there to destroy humanity. Essentially, our aliens are here (and have been here since the beginning) to ASSIST humanity to be the best they can be, not to conquer them, or to destroy the earth. Now, sure, we have a faction of aliens who do not believe that humans deserve to transmute due to humanity’s own destructive nature, but that adds to our drama!”

Finding the show’s diverse cast was easier than expected, recalls Nangle. “We cast many of our friends or people we have worked with before as different characters in our series! Jenn (Wilson) was really big in having an ethnic cast. However, the parts Zyra (Fructuoso) and Hector Madera (a supposedly human ex-jock turned activist, played by Napoleon Tavale) were auditioned.” The show’s production process was also a lot of fun, Nangle says. “We were really fortunate to get all our locations for free, so we block shot each scene in each location, kind of like a mini feature. I had a lot of fun filming. I played dress up in a lot of my scenes and MaKenna was just a blast to play! Bubble, fun, goofy! Lots of laughs, and a lot of the parts we improved (off the script) made it into the series!”

Both Nangle and Wilson hope that GUIDES will not only appeal to sci-fi fans, but will also entertain viewers through a unique mix of comedy and fantasy, as a group of aliens set out to make the world, and those who live in it, better. Says Nangle: “Anyone and everyone can find this show enjoyable. There is something for everyone whether it is some funny jokes, our really interesting special effects, or thinking one of our aliens is cute!” Wilson also hopes to make GUIDES a sustainable project, one that will make money, and will also attract more viewers. Yet, she says, the show is all about being the best person you can be, even if it takes a little otherworldly intervention. “I would say that the overall message is (to) ask for help to be your best self; it is there and wants to be given. Oh, and laughter is always the best medicine.”

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