What happens when the world’s most feared super villain gets ‘knocked up’ by the world’s most amazing superhero? Why, a popular, award-winning super web series comedy with over two million views, of course! Now in its second season, SUPER KNOCKED UP, produced, written and directed by Jeff Burns (who also created the show’s spinoff SUPER MASHED UP), continues the story of Jessica James (a.k.a. super-villain Darkstar, played by Jourdan Gibson) and Michael Masters (a.k.a. Captain Amazing, played by Mark Pezzula), two total opposites who after a fateful one night stand find their lives changed forever – when Jessica (Darkstar) finds out that she’s pregnant with her arch-enemy (Captain Amazing)’s baby!

The second season of SUPER KNOCKED UP premiered on February 20th, and can be seen on Youtube, Koldcast.TV and JTS.tv (Just The Story). (See links below). In addition to winning for Best Visual Effects at the 2013 LA Web Fest, along with being an official selection of both the 2013 Marseille Web Fest and the 2013 Hollyweb Festival, the show recently won the 2013 Geekie Award for ‘Most Original Web Series’.

Burns says that viewers can expect more action, comedy and drama in the show’s second season, not to mention longer episodes. “There’s a lot more fun tension between Jessica (super-villain Darkstar) and Michael (superhero Captain Amazing) in Season 2.  They have to move in together and the baby’s born so we get to play a lot with; will they get together or will they kill each other?  And Jessica is thrust into the life of Michael and his super-cheery superhero teammates, which drives her crazy.  But also makes her dilemma a lot harder.  Will she remain a villain and take down the heroes?  Or will she decide to be with Michael? Plus we introduce more superheroes and villains this season and get to see more superpowers.”

The new season’s story presented new challenges for Gibson’s super villain character. “Jessica James was already a very complicated girl with a fiery temper and a bad attitude. This season, she feels like her life is being overtaken by superheroes and pregnancy hormones. It’s basically her worst nightmare. At this point in the story, Jessica is conflicted, and is trying to juggle her crazy, villainous lifestyle with the new responsibilities that come with motherhood. It’s a lot trickier than she thought it would be,” she says.

Pezzula’s role as Michael/Captain Amazing also undergoes an evolution throughout the series. “He’s a super-hero and he’s cocky, but he has a sensitive side he’s discovering as the series progresses,” he says. Filming the show’s second season had its challenges, but the experience proved to be rewarding, Gibson says. “It was a crazy schedule! We filmed for three weeks in upstate New York. Fortunately, we had such a talented, patient, fun group of professionals working on set. Everyone had a great attitude, and we all loved the project we were working on. I think the positive filming experience will show up in the actual show – we had a blast, and that definitely shows up in our characters and through the chemistry of the cast,” she says.

Burns, along with his talented leads Pezzula and Gibson, feel that SUPER KNOCKED UP will not only appeal to sci-fi and superhero fans, but will also provide them with a rewarding experience, with situations that many people can identify with. Says Gibson: “The show has such a great mixture of comedy and real heart/emotion. I love that we are showing real-life people with real-life struggles, who just happen to have super powers. It’s very relatable. I hope that people can watch this show, and that at the very least it brightens their day, and on a deeper level, I hope they see these incredible characters facing a tough situation, and making the most out of it. We all have inner demons and difficult personality traits that we fight daily, so it’s nice to watch people convey that on screen and actually overcome it.”

SUPER KNOCKED UP also stands apart from many web series in its portrayal of the superhero genre, not to mention its unique blend of genres. “I think the combination of comedy, drama, and action make it very unique in the web series world. It also treats the superhero genre with great respect. It’s not parody or satire – it cares about this world and its characters,” Pezzula says. Ultimately, Burns says, the biggest theme of SUPER KNOCKED UP is this: everyone needs a family. “Even the toughest, most independent people, like our super villain Jessica, need someone in their lives and a place to belong.  And they need someone to believe in them.”

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