Sometimes, some people just find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet, for the three unlucky guys portrayed in the new comedy web series THOSE GUYS, being in the wrong place at the wrong time happens way too often.

The show, which debuted in November 2011, completed its second season last year, and pre-production on its third season is already underway, with 8-10 new episodes set to air next Spring.

Created by Scott and Chad Tamasso (the Tomasso twins) of Twiin Titan Productions, THOSE GUYS follows the misadventures of a group of immature young men who always find themselves in the midst of some sticky situations – almost always created by them.

Six episodes made up the first season, and eight more followed in the second season. The show’s production staff also includes Sam Libraty (editor, director of photography, audio specialist)  and Sema Batuk (co-producer with Scott Tamasso, along with her duties as talent director and production manager).

It’s a group led by Tucker (played by standup comedian and former Groundlings member Ken Napzok), a hard-drinking, unemployed slacker whose lazy and risky behavior almost always gets him into trouble.

In addition, there’s Allen (Allen Rueckert) whose naiveté and lack of smarts are somehow made up for by the fact that he has a career, Thomas (played by soap veteran Thomas Bell), a self-assured playboy/cop who still manages to be a swinger despite being married with children, Jake (Jake Suffian, also with soap experience), who while married, seems to love his guns more than his spouse, and Drew (Andie Ximenes), an overdressed and ‘pussy whipped’ man who constantly lives in fear of his bodybuilder wife. Rounding out the group is Lou (played by Lou Santini), engaged, employed, and wiser than all the others – along with being the guy that gets the other guys out of whatever jam they’re in.

Last season saw the arrival of some sexy neighbors who made the guys’ lives a lot more interesting: the beautiful and flirty Carla (Nina Kate), adventurous Catt (Marilyn Valderrama, not only the sister of THAT 70’S SHOW’s Wilmer Valderrama, but also a talented actress herself, say the Tomassos), and Catt’s roommate Courtney (Caitlin Rose Williams), who secretly has a crush on Tucker, her next door neighbor. A new addition to the cast is the girls’ friend Sevda (who also claims to be a Turkish princess).

Based on a feature film that the Tomassos wrote, one that was inspired by their own real life friends, THOSE GUYS! has evolved in many ways, from its storyline and season-long narratives to the quality of its production.

While filming the show’s first season had its own share of challenges, season two was a different story for both cast and crew alike.

“First and foremost, we invested in better equipment. ‘Those Guys!’ is now a multi-camera show and in HD. The cast came back even better than before with a deeper understanding of the characters and where we’re going with the show. They were excited and pumped and it made the episodes that much better and easier to do – even though there were more technical aspects introduced into the show. We expect Season 3 to be just as smooth and even funnier than Season 1 and 2 combined,” the Tomassos say.

Along with the expanded cast of characters and the improved production quality, the show’s storytelling style was another change reflected in its sophomore season. “Season 1 was a conglomerate of TRUE stories we wanted to tell with these characters, where Season 2 became more of a character situational exploratory approach with more story lines,” they say.

Along with their memorable experiences shared with their real life friends, the Tomassos cite one other major inspiration for their show: “We are inspired by the almighty laugh. It’s like hitting the ball straight for the first time on the golf course. Once you get that one moment of glory, you’re addicted to having more. We love laughter, we love telling funny stories and we love making people laugh.”

251884_367116896693604_1666343372_nThe third season of THOSE GUYS! promises more laughs – and more wacky moments with a group of friends – each different in their own ways – who see each other through all the comical situations they get into, and remain the best of friends, no matter what.

“The overall message would be to enjoy those around you for who they are. We’re all quirky, we all have our faults, and we love each and every last one of them because they’re different and make our lives interesting – good or bad. If we had to describe the show, it would be that for some strange reason, these guys, these…friends, who had no business being friends in the first place, found each other and stayed together BECAUSE of their differences. They love each other and support each other in their own unique way because they really do care about each other, no matter how strange the situation is our how out of hand they may get. At the end of the day, they laugh it off and pick each other right back up,” they say.




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