For two longtime best friends (one straight, the other lesbian), keeping their friendship going is easy, but finding romance proves to be a lot harder in the new comedy web series K&A (Karly and Alex), which is set to begin production of its five episode first season after successfully completing its Kickstarter fund raising campaign on July 28th. Created by Katie Shannon of Thompson Films (who also created the web series 617, the documentary film 113 DAYS, and short films like THE MORNING AFTER and LEFT UNSAID), the series stars Audrey Claire Johnson (who also starred in 617) as Karly, a straight woman who has been best friends with Alex, a lesbian (played by Ashley Elmi), ever since they went to college. Shannon describes their relationship as a “dysfunctional, co-dependent, drinking and drug taking” one, and it’s a relationship that somehow manages to be the only constant in their lives – all while both try (and often fail) to find each other’s better half.

Shannon set out to create a show that not only gives viewers edgy comedy, but also one that accurately reflects female relationships. “One of my favorite shows is SEX IN THE CITY, because to me it is honest and truthful about women today and their friendships. My best friend from college lives around the corner from me. I’m gay and she is straight. I think we have a unique relationship and I would definitely say that a lot of the ideas for the series come from our relationship (not all but some!). I think it’s a character dynamic that hasn’t really been explored that much. When I hear or see something I think would be great for the show, I write it in my phone. If someone ever read the list, they would probably think I’m crazy! This series never focuses on the fact that the character of Alex is gay, but to me the more normal being gay is portrayed, the more of an impact this series can have,” she says.

For Shannon, finding actresses to play the show’s two protagonists was easier than expected. “I had worked with Audrey on 617 and knew when I was writing the part of Karly that I wanted her for the role. We had a casting call for the part of Alex, and Audrey read with all the actresses who auditioned. We had a call back for Ashley and she nailed it. She left the room and we knew she was our Alex,” Shannon says. Perhaps the major factor that sets K&A apart from many other web series is its open and honest portrayal of its characters. “I think there are some great female driven web series out there and one of my favorites is BROAD CITY, which I see some similarities with (in) K&A. I think however, the dynamic of a lesbian and her straight best friend is something that hasn’t really been explored on the web series, in television, and movies.” K&A is sure to be popular with young adults – both male and female, not only because of the show’s realistic portrayal of female relationships, but also its unique brand of raw, unsophisticated humor. Says Shannon: “K&A is crazy, crude, and pushes the envelope. These two lead characters live in their own little world and do not care what the outside world thinks. They do what they want, sometimes it does not end well, but that’s what makes it funny.”



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