Be honest, t one point or another, you’ve had a crush on a celebrity. Of course, while such crushes begin innocently, there is a long shot chance that your crush could end up in heartbreak, and one of the web’s hottest dramas continues to prove that axiom. Having recently wrapped its second season, the acclaimed, award winning web series BROKEN AT LOVE continues to bring viewers the intense and emotional story of Vivienne “Vivie” Taylor (played by series creator Karolina Sivas), a young woman who finds that when it comes to romance, not every relationship is a love match. The series’ 7 episode second season (and its first season of 8 episodes) is now streaming via its official web site and Youtube page (see link below).

BROKEN AT LOVE debuted on August 23, 2012. In that season, Vivie becomes infatuated with Holden Gregory (Rob Healy), a brash, handsome and talented tennis superstar who plays “bad boy” to Vivie’s good girl persona. While they both experience the ups and downs of romance, Vivie learns more about herself – and about how damaging love can often be. In the seven episode second season, Vivie’s story continues as she attempts to recover from her own romantic heartbreak while continuing to grow emotionally.

Season 2 began on September 26, 2013, and while season 1 focused on the relationship between Vivie, her mother Ava (Pamela Bowen), her best friend Olivia (Carly Reeves), and Olivia’s rugby playing, infrequent love interest Darin (Bobby Quinn Rice), season 2 focuses on her relationships with her immediate family: her straight talking father, Dr. Eduardo Taylor (Ben Reed), Vivie’s aunt Hedy (Renee Suran), and Vivie’s proud, loving grandmothers: Lulu (Tony-nominated Broadway/film/TV vet Marcia Rodd), and Geraldine (Sharon Farrell, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, plus the original HAWAII FIVE-O, in addition to countless other film and TV roles). In addition, former pro tennis star Vince Spadea guest stars in two episodes in season 2.

A web series that has become one of the web’s best and most popular dramas, BROKEN AT LOVE was inspired by Sivas’ own personal life and experiences with the ups and downs of love. As a graduate of the USC (University Of Southern California)’s prestigious School of Dramatic Arts, Sivas sees BROKEN AT LOVE as a labor of love; one she takes tremendous pride in. “I do just about everything for the series. It’s my baby. Nothing happens without me approving it. I’m the creator. My production team consists of friends I’ve met through my education at USC,” she says.

That production team would be boosted thanks to some help from another popular drama. Recalls Sivas: “We had the great opportunity of having (LA Web Fest award winning) guest director Ivan Silvestrini (from Italy and STUCK, the web series) come on for the Season 2 finale and he brought a couple of crew members from Italy. Best experience from either season!” As BROKEN AT LOVE expanded its cast and storyline, the show’s production proved to be more streamlined. “Season 2 was more efficient; I tried to keep most episodes in one or two locations so they could be filmed all at once and that worked out very well,” she adds.

For Sivas, her expertise and experience as an actress was beneficial when it came to finding the series’ talented cast. “My cast came from recommendations by actor friends and casting breakdowns. The only person to do a real audition was Rob Healy for Holden Gregory. I have a good instinct on casting because I am an actress first and foremost. I’ve been lucky to get great actors who want to be involved in the series for the writing alone!”

Along with great performances by those actors, viewers of BROKEN AT LOVE will see even more exciting drama in its sophomore season. “Season 2 is more intense, more dramatic, and that’s because Season 1 was the build for that. We also had an established base already so it was exciting to film knowing we were doing it for our audience,” she says.

In fact, BROKEN AT LOVE has achieved that incredible fan following over the past two seasons precisely because of its great characters and storytelling. “We have a strong base of young and middle aged women and there’s always a few young and middle aged male fans mixed in. I try to put something in the show for everyone. My cast is gorgeous – so I’m sure any age or gender could find their type in the series. It’s a romance story so I would guess that’s why women are drawn to it. I’m not sure if I could compare it to anything – but when Vivie and her friends are together, sometimes it feels like an episode of FRIENDS,” she says.

While BROKEN AT LOVE has already won over audiences, critics and the web series community as a whole, Sivas feels that her main goals for its success have already been achieved. “So far I feel like I’ve accomplished more than I ever set out to. I wanted to tell a specific story and work with talented actors. And I’ve done that. I never set out for this to be a money making project; most independently produced web shows are not.”

No matter how successful BROKEN AT LOVE is, at its heart is a powerful drama about people; people who experience just how intense and life changing love can be, as well as its emotional impact. For Sivas, it’s one that emanates from a deeply personal and true place. “My series comes from my heart. It’s a representation of me and that makes my series one of a kind. It’s also very real, while still allowing the audience to escape their worlds.”




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