Everyday we are highlighting a few of the trailers submitted to the Independent Production Fund seeking funding. These shows are looking for your support by watching, sharing and commenting on youtube. The best concepts will be selected for funding and put into full production, so support your favorites! For more information on the IPF click here.

The Village Green is a webseries about a destitute farming town on the brink of collapse, and the insane plan the towns only police officer has to pull them out.

Featuring a cast of regulars including his co conspirator the parish priest, the mayor, a curmudgeonly widow, and the school teacher, the Village Green will also be introducing a new external character each episode for it’s 10 episode run that is decided by the viewer the previous week.

Each episode will be written, shot, edited, and released in a seven day weekly window keeping the content as reactive, adaptive, and fresh as it can possibly be.

This is an endeavour by Tanner Zurkoski and the Applebox Film Company