Everyday we are highlighting a few of the trailers submitted to the Independent Production Fund seeking funding. These shows are looking for your support by watching, sharing and commenting on youtube. The best concepts will be selected for funding and put into full production, so support your favorites! For more information on the IPF click here.

Siren Jackson is WATCH GIRL, a 15 year old black female from Rexdale, Toronto. After Siren’s brother gets set up by local thugs and put away in jail, she creates an alter ego and using her live streaming camera gets in the face of would be criminals. Watch Girl disrupts gang activity and pushes bad guys out of the community by shining a light on them and broadcasting their faces online. But when local politician and behind the scenes criminal mastermind, Bob Dodge, gets involved, Siren must use every trick in her tech arsenal to stay safe and expose Dodge to the world.