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If “one bad apple spoils the bunch,” six bad apples may bring a shenanigan-filled apple sauce apocalypse!

Those Bad Apples is a hybrid between a Sitcom and Sketch comedy show; a “SKETCHY-ICHI-COM”  (pronounced sketch-ee-eechee-com).

It is inspired by real life shenanigans and big city pursuits of the artistic & unorthodox Blackhall-Butler / Nolan-Smith family (and their colourful friends).

Sketch Situations range from how the family would deal with possible apocalypse, debates on the superiority of “dicks vs. vaginas,” the twins as the spawn of Satan (and their perfectly normal fear of Zombie Jesus a.k.a a Crucifix), possessed dolls,
tea parties with drag queens, crazy Jamaicans, a “Lawrence Of Arabia” epic move to Toronto, horrible auditions and terrible agents, and love… just to name a few. It’s so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe most of it is based on real life situations or conversations they’ve actually had.

But what else would you expect from a bunch of Bad Apples?