This week we watched a one woman series that takes place entirely in the confines of three walls of an office cubicle. In “Secret Diaries of a Call Centre Girl,” Christina Anne Aceto plays Emma Eccles who is an energetic call centre employee with dreams of making it big in voice over work.

Christina does a great job playing the role. She is highly energetic, nails the comedic moments (of which there are few), and I can see a lot of potential in her acting abilities. Unfortunately, this is about all the script gives her to work with, and I would like to see more of her in another role.

Christina’s acting (and if I stretch the definition, the soundtrack and website) are the only solid aspects of this web series, unfortunately. I was intrigued by what I thought was an interesting concept in a comedy about a white chick working at a call centre that sells something new (and random) every day.

Christina’s liveliness reeled me in, at least for the first few minutes. But then episode after episode, I was disappointed with how the story and jokes gave me nothing. Some of the concepts are funny like the when she is speaking to her boss and mistakenly thinks “oral” means something sexual, but the punch lines don’t nail the humor.

I want some story, I want character stakes, I want something I can get invested in. The directing was good and so was the cinematography, and I would love to see what this production team could do with a better story backing them up.

You can find Secret Diary of A Call Centre Girl at their official website: