This Friday we decided to call in drunk, I mean sick, I mean get drunk…..doh!  Well, actually we just watched “Calling In Drunk” (Season 1), which is a pretty hilarious web series with two girls who talk about the dating scene in LA. The interesting part is that they filmed all 8 episodes in one day, and progressively get more drunk throughout the day. So, as you watch each subsequent episode, they are a bit more drunk, and by the season finale….oh man!

Sarah is a gay girl living in LA and Loryn is a straight, blonde girl. They talk about their different perspectives on dating, and wow do we get some contrasting views. Like when Sarah asks Loryn, “You think just because I’m a lesbian, I like every woman?” and Loryn replies “Ah, yeah” followed by a weird uncomfortable look from both of them.








They discuss topics from OKCupid (online dating), to best lesbian pickup lines, to penis size, to cup size, to dirty sanchez’s, to some other topics that sometimes don’t make too much sense. But you can’t really blame them for any non-sensical moments because after all, they are getting shit-faced and having a damn fun time doing it! If you need a laugh, this is a great series to watch. I was cracking up!

As far as writing, directing, and acting there really is none, which is fine for this type of series. I like the topics they chose to talk about, and I think it created a lot of opportunity for humor. I loved the way the series was shot and edited together, and I give the creators props for that.

The girls live in LA, but I bet a lot of people outside of LA can relate to these girls. It’s pretty funny to watch if you are a male, and I assume females can relate too – because this is a show that follows two women, after all.

You can check out all five seasons of their series on the MadAtoms YouTube channel here:

Sarah and Loryn are hilarious. Go girls!