As you may know season one of “Pairings” was one of my favorite web series, taking home several top honors, including best series, at our first ever Snobby Robot Awards for 2012. Now Ed Robinson and his talented team are back with a second season which launches later this month.

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to drop by the Motor Club where the first half of “Pairings” Season two was screened. I’ll admit to having doubts about where the story could go following the big reveal at the end of season one, but these three episodes definitely persuaded me. While some might find the tone of the first half of season two to be a little too sentimental for their tastes I actually went away feeling that season two had even more potential than season one had.

Food once again is obviously a big theme but the big development here is an expansion of our knowledge and understanding about the side characters. Another thing that I loved was a bit more emphasis being put on the more geeky aspects of these characters. Hopefully it isn’t just limited to a guest appearance from Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) – who wouldn’t make tons of nerdy BSG jokes with Richard Hatch on set? The geeky moments are the real comedy aspects of a series that puts it’s characters and story first – and for good reason.

While I only saw half of the show I have to say those three episodes got me pumped up to see the rest. And now for the fun part, my picture gallery from the evening!