I’ve been sitting here for the last ten minutes staring at my computer and trying to figure out what to write to get you (the reader) to watch HEADSHOTS because I want to share with you a great series. I just watched Season 1, and I laughed my ass off! In general, I enjoy watching comedic web series’, but sometimes I get frustrated with the writing in them either lacking story, being too “on the nose,” or simply just not being funny.

Not this time, not this series. The writing in “Headshots” is genius! The jokes are hilarious, there’s good story development, the characters are relatable (at least to me), and the two main characters provide a nice contrast to one another. I don’t watch too many web series’ where my roommate walks across the apartment and tells me to shut the F*** up because I am laughing too loud. As Mike (one of the characters) would probably do, I told my roommate to “eat a dick” (just kidding, although Mike would say that).

“Headshots” follows Todd and Mike, two struggling actors trying to make it in LA. Todd is a nice, yet insecure 31-year old dealing with premature balding and lack of female attention. On the flip side, Todd’s roommate, Mike is an overly confident dude who can’t seem to drink enough beer or sleep with enough women. The genius of the show is that it actually feels realistic that these two guys would live together (you just have to watch it to understand).

It’s fun seeing Todd get ridiculed time and time again. I especially liked the episode where we find out his girlfriend is dating him only to get material for her stand-up routine where she says “she’s dating a bitch.” It’s also fun seeing Mike trample all over Todd. I especially liked the episode where Mike steals money from Todd to buy a new video camera he wants (I won’t tell you how he does it). Of course these moments are hilarious only because they are not real (otherwise, I would be a bad human being).

I give the Actors, Director, and DP a lot of credit for pulling together a number of lengthy scenes that they capture in one take. This truly allowed the actors to show off their abilities, and it gives the viewer a sense of feeling like you are really there. Sometimes, I find this style “sloppy” or “cheap,” but not the way these guys do it.  It’s great stuff.  The actors Todd McCullough (Todd) and Mike Baron (Mike), only add to the hilarity of the writing (also written by Todd McCullough) with their great comedic timing.

The style and humor is very raunchy, and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you like Bridesmaids, The Hangover, or Out Cold then you are going to love this series. I’ll be watching Season 2 later tonight, and I’m hoping these guys create a Season 3 soon! I highly recommend that you watch this series over the weekend (or right now).

You can watch the series here:  www.headshotshow.com

The series won two awards at the Hollyweb Festival for Best Web Series and Best Screenwriting.  Happy Flirty Friday!

Written by:  Jeff Allen