Long Distance is not exactly what I expected. Going in I think I was ready for a couple to fall in love only to be spread miles apart due to circumstance. Instead we have a couple meeting while on vacation, and the flames of obvious chemistry are dowsed by the brutal reality of their situation.

What happens from there is a bit odd. The first episode leaves the viewer on exactly that cliffhanger… what do they do next? Episode two jumps right into the situation that defines the show.

Apparently Colby and Bre (lol) didn’t just leave each other that night, they exchanged phone numbers! While that might not seem odd, what transpires is a daily skype chat, and a lot of fun, flirty text messages. But what is the point of all this? Where could this possibly lead? What is the end game for these two? Is that the right call?

This is where I feel like I need to say that I have a lot of nit picks when it comes to this show. If Colby and Bre are so positive that they will never see each other again, after their one chance encounter, would they really subject themselves to the guaranteed struggle of talking to each other every day?

Our reactions to the potential for love are not rational, so perhaps it’s understandable that they would passively pursue each other, yet I would find it odd if I was Skyping with a girl 2000 miles away every day. That level of communication is a heavy commitment – it’s more than most of us talk to our mothers, or even our best friends. That level of communication screams “I’m falling in love with you,” yet the show never really establishes anything beyond their obvious chemistry – at least up to that point.

At this point the show absolutely has to bring the couple together again, it’s screaming for it. Enter the Deus Ex Business Tripina… a three night stay in the home town of our protagonist Colby. This is best case scenario for the couple, and ultimately it points out the huge flaw in the concept of the long distance relationship – they only get three days.

After everything, the chance meeting, the exchanging of numbers, the chemistry translating into their Skype chats, the fluke business trip, they get three days together.

While the plot of the series seems to center on the drama of the couple surviving each step it never really gets to the point of the real drama. They consistently survive another day, but how long can they really last?

The generally convenient nature of the plot is one nitpick, but I should note that I had tiny issues along the way with a lot of things. The side characters were typically funny but occasionally fell flat, production wise the camera work and editing were solid if unspectacular. I was not a fan of most of the music choices, not the music itself, but it’s placement never really felt in balance with the rest of the show. I never really got a sense for Colby’s world outside of his apartment, his ex, his roommate, and Bre. While Bre is tied to a job we never really get a sense of what might keep Colby in Chicago. There feels like a lot of detail missing and some of that I might attribute to some gaps in time that happen pretty suddenly.

While I feel like I am nitpicking ‘Long Distance’ to death the show absolutely works, and works well, and I will put that squarely on the back of the chemistry between Colby and Bre. While Colby is a frustrating protagonist, making so many questionable choices, I feel like I could give him a pass just based on his chemistry with Bre. While I nitpicked the logic of the situation previously, I almost understand it on the basis of their actual relationship.

Watching the two Skype, seeing them on their date, and most effectively, reading their texts as they both longingly go through their phone I was convinced. Logic be damned I wanted to see these two end up together, and it pained me to think logically that they have such a rough road ahead of them.

When the show ends we’re left off right before an important Skype call between the two, and I was pretty upset that I couldn’t find out what was going to happen.

You can find ‘Long Distance’ onine at http://longdistancewebseries.com