Times have changed, but the more difficult aspects of career, love, and friendship still remain constant. In season 1 of the acclaimed, award-winning web series comedy HE’S WITH ME, a group of decidedly modern men and women attempted to make sense of those issues, plus the many complications that come with them on a daily basis, while maintaining a closely-knit bond with each other.

Approaching its second season, HE’S WITH ME continues the story of two best friends who come together despite their vast set of differences, and the impact their friendship makes on the lives of those who surround them. The series’ IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign is winding down, and is currently seeking $22,500 for production of season 2’s 9 episodes.

Production is set to begin in early December, with a tentative premiere date in Winter 2015, and all episodes will be made available on its official Youtube page.

The entire 10 episode first season of HE’S WITH ME, plus other extra content including interviews with the cast about their memories of season 1, is also streaming on that page.

HE’S WITH ME features Bradford How as the straight, yet slightly gullible Ted Adams. A recent transplant from the Midwest, Ted now works for a New York boutique ad agency, and begins a close friendship with gay theatre critic Martin Adams (played by series creator Jason Cicci), despite his often insufferable personality. However, Ted and Martin’s increasingly close alliance has begun to cause problems for their friend, New York cop Eddie (John Cramer).

In addition, Eddie’s wife Val (Darcie Siciliano) tries to assist Martin in his path of finding true romance. At the same time, though, Val and Eddie both seek to find personal happiness and fulfillment in their own lives.

Joining the cast full time is Veronica Reyes-How (wife of Bradford How) as office temp worker Henny, who’s one of Ted’s closest friends. For Ted, though, just how he manages to reconcile his professional career with his friendship with Henny will be a major challenge.

Another key storyline in season 2 of HE’S WITH ME involves the constantly scheming Benny Costa (Ryan Duncan), who attempts to be the center of attention by any means possible, while making Martin aware of his love for him. As season 2 progresses, though, Benny’s life will be changed dramatically by a stunning revelation.

Season 2 of HE’S WITH ME also features guest appearances by stage/TV/movie actress Tracie Thoms (COLD CASE, RENT and currently appearing in the Broadway play LOST LAKE), and comedian Jessica Kirson. More additions to the cast will also be announced soon.

From a series of 3 half hour episodes, to a stage play, and finally to its first season of 10 webisodes, HE’S WITH ME underwent a distinctively different series of permutations in its development.

Cicci refined the show’s overall concept through workshops with his actors, and through his collaboration with its director Sebastian LaCause (himself an actor who also created, wrote, directed and starred in his own successful web series, HUSTLING).

Yet, Cicci says, the biggest factor that led to HE’S WITH ME’s creation was one based primarily  in personal experience. “The show was inspired by my own friendships with men and my curiosity as to how modern day men can truly be there for each other, emotionally.” In fact, Cicci adds, his own real life friendship with the namesake for Bradford How’s character also played a key role in his creating the series.

“…My close friendship with the real-life Ted inspired me to put on paper what was so interesting and captivating to me about our relationship: the fact that we weren’t self-conscious about our almost-familial love for each other,” Cicci says.

“It was unconditional, especially as we faced some hard times. I thought that others who experience that same kind of friendship would be amused to see it played out in sitcom form.”

As a filmmaker, Cicci’s love of classic movies, and ensemble-based sitcoms like M*A*S*H, THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW and CHEERS, plus “dramadies” like the ‘80s hit THIRTY-SOMETHING, provides him with plenty of creative inspiration, and especially, a chance to get more than just great entertainment out of each viewing. It’s those qualities he seeks to bring in each episode of HE’S WITH ME.

“I’ve always been a fan of situational comedy, kitchen sink drama and stories that were accessible and intelligent,” he says. “I’m a huge old movie buff. I’m also still watching the TV shows that I grew up on. I find that I’m drawn to shows and movies that make me think, learn and laugh. Especially those with heart.”

Having achieved an overwhelmingly positive reaction from critics, and especially audiences, Cicci believes that HE’S WITH ME is a web series that offers more than just great comedy. For him, the characters and situations depicted in each episode mirror the struggles and successes many people in their adulthood face on a daily basis.

“It’s refreshing to tell a story about what happens in life when you’ve had numerous jobs, heartbreaks and obstacles. How you deal with what is thrown at you later in life can be more complex and force you to face your demons and move on in a more educated way,” he says.

Even more so, Cicci feels that its honest, true portrayal of today’s modern male relationships is another element that makes HE’S WITH ME unique. “The concept of men being comfortable showing emotion to another man in a supportive way is something that is rarely seen.”

In addition, Cicci adds, the series’ portrayal of its female characters is just as realistic. “Even though the show centers around men, our female characters are also questioning how they fit in with the men in their lives and what they want to achieve.”

Overall, HE’S WITH ME is a series whose characters, and the situations they find themselves in during each episode, will strike a chord with anyone who’s trying to make sense of their own lives and of the society in which we live in – male, female, gay or straight. For Cicci, having his series compared to the work of a legendary comedian/filmmaker who’s captured the funny, yet personal moments of life has also been a plus.

“The title refers to not only the mens’ support of each other but to how their female friends and lovers figure in to that equation,” he says.

“In these times, it’s not always so easy to understand what’s going on with the people we love. It has been said that there’s a ‘Woody Allen’ quality about the show, too. I’m good with that!”

As Cicci sums up the show’s concept, he feels that the most important thing anyone can have is someone to be there for them, no matter what. “HE’S WITH ME is ultimately about friendship, acceptance and laughter. These things make life not only happier, but more worthwhile.”

(Note: Cicci says that episode of HE’S WITH ME are closed-captioned and subtitled in multiple languages, and that he intends to caption/subtitle each episode of season 2, as well.)

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