The path to a dedicated romantic relationship is filled with more than its share of drama. Sometimes, the journey toward achieving a long lasting relationship comes with a lot of humorous moments along the way. For one such couple, those moments are captured in hilarious fashion in the new comedy web series RELATIONSH*T, co-created by and co-starring Robin Dunne and Farrah Aviva.

The series, which debuted its first of several “teaser-sodes” on November 10th, is now streaming on its official web site and Youtube pages, plus other platforms like Funny Or Die, Vimeo and Buzzfeed. New “teaser-sodes” appear every Monday on Youtube, and subscribers to that channel will instantly be notified when they’re posted.

RELATIONSH*T focuses on two young lovers who’ve decided to mark their one year anniversary by settling down and living together. Farrah and Rob (played by series co-creators Dunne and Aviva, in highly exaggerated versions of themselves).

Having been guided by their relationship counselor (played by Jennifer Gibson) to chart their progress through her own personal system of “vlog therapy”, Farrah and Rob document, in a series of hilarious on-camera confessionals mixed with flashbacks, the unpredictable and awkward moments that they experience as they attempt to remain in a steady relationship.

With each webisode featuring wacky, yet highly relatable scenarios anyone who’s ever been in love can identify with, Dunne and Aviva created RELATIONSH*T not just as a way to entertain audiences. As any actor and web series creator can attest, the duo developed their own series as a means of marketing themselves, and their talents, in today’s heavily crowded entertainment landscape.

“We’ve both always enjoyed creating our own projects. With the way the industry is now, it is very important to be content creators,” they say.

“It’s not enough to just be an actor anymore.  In this day and age, with all the technology out there, we have the ability to create work for ourselves that we are truly passionate about.”

Although the first person confessional format of vlogging (most commonly found on shows like THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES, for example) isn’t unique to web series, Dunne and Aviva feel that it’s just one of several elements that sets RELATIONSH*T apart from all the rest.

“We feel that the therapy vlog aspect, combined with the flashbacks, differentiates us from other web series,” they say. Through this device, the audience gets a one-on-one, unfiltered inside look at the perspective of each side of the couple’s struggle.”

Having developed the stories and concept of RELATIONSH*T over a year and a half, Dunne and Aviva found lots of creative inspiration – both from their own relationships, as well as from others they knew – as they began writing the series. “From those notes we began to develop the characters and the premise for the show. It actually took quite a bit of time and re-writing to find the perfect set up so that nothing had to be sacrificed story-wise.”

In fact, they add, the highly limited time constraints set by webisodes added to the overall challenge of writing and producing their series.

“Anyone who has written for the web knows how difficult it can be to scale down an idea but not lose the story, plus keep the viewer wanting more,” Dunne and Aviva say.

As a result, the process of filming every segment of RELATIONSH*T depended heavily on how Dunne and Aviva would work within the short episodic time frame. “Leading up to production we spent a lot of time figuring out what the exact tone of the show would be, as well as how to best showcase it in a 2-3 minute webisode type format,” they say.

Nevertheless, they add, shooting each webisode proved to be a lot smoother than expected. “…It was quite easy because the whole team was very prepared and flexible. That enabled us to make changes on the fly if need be – which we did quite a bit.” That production team includes Mark Bousher, Shen Lin, Alex Ulyanov and Karly Jade, among others.

Although RELATIONSH*T currently consists of “teaser-sodes” (brief preview episodes that give viewers a taste of the show’s overall concept and characters), Dunne and Aviva hope to expand the show’s overall characters and storytelling scope over time. However, they add, their current focus is on keeping the production uncomplicated.

“We have plans to introduce other characters and have guest RELATIONSH*T cameos, but for now we’re going to keep it as simple as possible so we can continue to effectively produce these teasersodes with the highest production value as possible,” they say. “But we’re excited to get the machine going, and be able to broaden the cast a bit when the time is right.”

With the series’ production entirely self-funded, as opposed to through crowd funding, Dunne and Aviva had even greater incentive to get the ball rolling on their new web series. “We knew we wanted to make the show and we didn’t want to have to wait or ask for help,” they add. “Our past experiences lead us to believe that with the same amount of time and energy it takes to create a successful crowd funded campaign, we could probably just get the show started and on its feet.”

Although they don’t necessarily rule out the possibility of using crowd funding to produce future episodes of RELATIONSH*T, Dunne and Aviva know that their series’ success depends solely on the most important factor of all – the viewers.

Having worked constantly to grow and maintain the series’ strong social media presence, the show’s co-stars/co-creators also feel that making the web series community aware of RELATIONSH*T is a particularly delicate balance.

“We’ve been very proactive, making sure RELATIONSH*T is linked to as many relevant web series networks and websites as possible and to not over promote it on our personal pages,” they add. “It’s a tricky balance, but we believe that with this approach the show will grow legs of it’s own and develop properly to the key audience we are targeting.”

Throughout every episode of RELATIONSH*T, Dunne and Aviva hope that those who watch it will be heavily entertained, while also seeing some of the funny, yet highly relatable, moments that can arise from having to navigate the unpredictable roller coaster ride that is true love. “Right now we feel it’s a show that anyone can relate to. Anybody who’s been in a relationship – no mater what type – knows all too well the various odd quirks that can arise.”

(Note: Regarding closed-captioning of RELATIONSH*T, Dunne and Aviva say: “We haven’t done that as of yet because we are still only doing teasersodes at this point. If and when the show does grow to a longer format we will definitely endeavor to make closed-captioning available.”)






The first “teaser-sode” of RELATIONSH*T can be viewed here: