Today we announce the nominees for the #WebSeriesWednesday 2014 Awards, winners to be announced next Wednesday at noon pacific time, right here on this site. All 57 selections, in 11 categories, came from the pool of guests on #WebSeriesWednesday in 2014. All categories feature 5 nominees, except for best actor & actress which each have 6. Nominees were considered in as unbiased a manor as I possibly could, and the results are not exactly what I was expecting when I sat down to put together the list. This was definitely the toughest list I’ve had to put together so far, and many many deserving people were left off. I feel like apologizing to so many great creators and shows who deserved recognition but who just fell short.

So let’s get on with it…

Music & Sound

Professional Friend
Mythos Sea & Sky
The Bad
Last Fall of Ashes
Wallflowers Season 2


Eric Bilitch – Professional Friend
Logan Vollmers – Ian
Miriam Pultro – Mythos Sea & Sky
Ian Macleod – Last Fall of Ashes
Danny Bresnik – Wallflowers Season 2


Austin Kite – Mythos Sea & Sky
Aaron Garcia – We Are Angels
Zachary Halberd – Wallflowers Season 2
Matt Wightma & Wes Pratt – Time Keeper Season 2
Ryan Jacob Morgan – Professional Friend

Production Design

The Away Mission
Mythos Sea & Sky
Cost Of Living
Pairings Season 2

Screenplay (Comedy)

Eric Bilitch – Professional Friend
Helen Krieger, Joseph Meissner, Tami Nelson, Chris Trew, Cyrus Cooper, Maurice Ruffin – Least Favorite Love Songs Season 2
Andrew Dahl and Jordan McArthur – The Digressions Season 2
Amani Starnes – The United Colors of Amani
Jon Verrall – LARPS

Screenplay (Dramatic)

Sean Robinson – TeleviSean
A.A. Wintringham – Last Fall of Ashes
Kieran Turner – Wallflowers Season 2
Ed Robinson – Pairings Season 2
Kate Hackett – The Classic Alice

Ensemble Cast

Professional Friend
Wallflowers Season 2
Pairings Season 2

Best Actor

Sean Robinson – TeleviSean
Patch Darragh – Wallflowers Season 2
Nathan Mobley – Pairings Season 2
Jonathan Biver – Professional Friend
Kris McRonney – Last Fall of Ashes
Tony Noto – The Classic Alice

Best Actress

Sarah Salzburg – Wallflowers Season 2
Liz Days – Plant
Taylor Blackwell – Tweet
Kate Hackett – The Classic Alice
Danielle Reverman – TeleviSean
Rachael Jenison – The Digressions Season 2

Best Direction

Eric Bilitch – Professional Friend
Amy Kersten – Hot Mess
Kieran Turner – Wallflowers Season 2
Joe Flanders – Average Joe Season 2
Abby Rosebrock, Layla Khoshnoudi & and Control Top Productions – My Ex Is Trending

Best Series

Professional Friend
The Digressions Season 2
The Classic Alice
Wallflowers Season 2