The world of web series based on classic literature is about to get a new chapter, and it’s rather epic! Fictional Fares is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee meets Once Upon a Time, and this rideshare features characters from all your favorite pages played by a cast of 30+ of your favorite faces.

ffcastCreated by James Brent Isaacs (Emma Approved) and Omar Najam (Geek & Sundry) and produced by Jenni Powell (with 2 Emmys under her belt) and Paula Rhodes (both fresh off The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy), this group of veteran storytellers has quite a journey mapped out.

The crowdfund on Seed & Spark launches today at and some of the perks include a different car freshener each day shaped like a whole library of different books – you know you want to find out what your favorite book smells like!

With the launch came the very first cast announcements including Tara Platt, Leo Camacho, Ashley Clements, Jay Walker, Brea Grant and Michael Bow, Brent Bailey, Jon Brence, Chrissa Sparkles, Sinead Persaude, Nik Dodani, Jess Lizama and Anna Lore. This promises to be QUITE the carpool!

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