After releasing not just one, but two well reviewed seasons Blank My Life Returns for a third and final act. Check out the trailer below which is one of the best sent our way in some time.

Blank My Life is a surreal comedy following Susan’s new life in a small town after her best friend, Brendan, returns from the dead to haunt her.

Following the death of her BFF, Brendan, Susan relocates to the town Socksville to start over. After escaping NYC, a better life seems possible for Susan. Then Brendan shows up to haunt her. In Socksville, Susan and Brendan both get the attention they desperately craved, especially when Brendan becomes the star of the local communtiy theatre scene. But there’s no such thing as a secret in a small town, and being dead is a big secret.

Blank My Life‘s two previous seasons can be found here and here. Blank is produced by a group of Carnegie Mellon University actors, directors, and musical theatre kids who graduated with BFAs. Created by Alex Spieth.