I was fortunate enough to attend L.A. Macabre’s season two premiere at Laemmie’s theater in North Hollywood this weekend. The twelve episode, six hour two day event premiered what may very well be the most successfully ambitious project we’ve covered on SR.  We often talk about the need, and often times the impossibility of producing television quality content at essentially the no-budget level. L.A. Macabre is perhaps the best, if only example of a production who has actually pulled it off.

How do you do it? Well one major factor is not allowing for any weak links in the chain – having a top flight ensemble cast, finding enough producing ingenuity to fake television level production value, and writing a script with enough quality to stand up against any tv drama. L.A. Macabre season 2 puts it all together.

For those in the LA area, the creators of the series are a great resource for your own projects. Writer / director Dan Ast runs the monthly IAWTV writers group, while producer David Schatanoff runs the corresponding monthly producers group.

Prepare for a more in-depth review and discussion when the series officially launches. Until then do take the time to check out the first season of LA Macabre on Amazon and check out a handful of photos from the premiere event.