After the celebratory euphoria of graduation day, young adults who’ve ended their studies in the classroom of academia end up getting an even harder education in the classroom of life. Their student debt and job worries aside, college graduates also wonder if they can successfully – and responsibly – live on their own. Such a challenge is tough to confront when you live alone, but season 1 of Cassidy Davis’ award-winning comedy Adulting is evidence of how facing the struggles of maturation can be a remarkably funny experience when you’ve got a good friend along for the journey.

Co-starring Davis and Mallory Fuccella as those two friends – Katie and Charlie, respectively – the first season of Adulting follows both characters in their often zany mission to balance the responsibilities of their newly gained independence with the many perks that are tied to it. Now thanks to popular crowdfunding platform Seed&Spark, Adulting’s quest to fund a second season of the acclaimed comedy is in full swing. Set to conclude in early January, the campaign (page link below) is seeking $16,000 to produce at least four or five new episodes.

If that total is met or exceeded, Davis (who also created Adulting) says that filming of season 2 is scheduled to begin in February of 2019. The episodes, set to premiere sometime next summer on YouTube and the show’s web site (links to both also at the end of this article), will expand the scope of Katie and Charlie’s adventures in “adulting” in the constantly exciting world of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles itself will also take on a larger presence in season 2 of Adulting, and it also happens that the public premiere of the series’ latest episodes will be held there at a day/time to be announced. Before audiences get to see Adulting return, Davis describes the many improvements that she, her cast and crew aim to implement should the show’s Seed&Spark drive succeed.

On the set of the acclaimed comedy ADULTING, now seeking to produce a second season through its Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign.

On the set of the acclaimed comedy ADULTING, now seeking to produce a second season through its Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign.

In what ways will the money earned from the campaign improve the quality of its production, while giving female actors and filmmakers more opportunities to succeed in their careers by working on Adulting?

Cassidy Davis (co-star, “Katie”/creator, Adulting): We will improve the quality of production by hiring more crew members and renting more equipment to make sure that each shot is lit and shot to the best of our ability.

We have also really taken our time writing and re-writing the episodes to ensure they are as funny as possible to raise the quality of our content as well. This will also give female filmmakers more opportunities because we will be needing more amazing female crew to make it all happen!

There are four episodes planned for season two of Adulting. Will this mean longer episodes, or do you still plan on making each episode short (less than ten minutes, as was the case in season one)?

Davis: As of now we are planning on four or five episodes for season two – depending how much of our funding we get! The episodes will remain the same in length, but will rise dramatically in production quality overall. We wanted to keep the episodes the same length so that we could work on mastering this format first, before making more episodes, or making the episodes longer.

Season two of Adulting continues the story of its two main characters, Katie (which you play) and Charlie (played by Mallory Fuccella). How will their stories expand in the next season, and in what ways do you feel their characters will evolve?

Davis: Season two starts three months after we last saw Katie and Charlie, and it explores the evolution of relationships as the girls start the next phase of their lives. How do they build a community from scratch? How do they balance making enough money to live, and having enough fun for it to be worth it? How do they create meaningful, happy lives without relying too much on one another? Now that the post-college bubble has burst, the girls are forced to be realistic about their situation and (are forced to) reconcile with their dreams.

Will the stories in season two of Adulting continue to be based on real life experiences with “adulting” – including your own?

Davis: Season two will have two more writers joining the team, besides myself. Mallory Fuccella, who plays Charlie, and Jenna Michelle Simmons, our third producing partner, have written episodes of season two, as well. So not only are we bringing in my real life experiences, but we have added some of theirs into it too! But to answer your question – yes, season two will continue to be based off of our real life experiences, (while) adding in some extra drama for comedic effect.

Will there be any new characters involved in season two?

Davis: There will be a lot of new characters in season 2! As they start to build their lives in their new city, Katie and Charlie meet new weirdos, new boys, and maybe even a new roommate? We don’t want to give away too much yet, but let’s just say that we are very excited!


L-R: ADULTING co-stars Mallory Fuccella and Cassidy Davis.

What other new aspects of the series’ storytelling can viewers expect for season two of Adulting?

Davis: The biggest new aspect of the series’ storytelling that you can expect for season two is that the girls’ world is expanding beyond the apartment. We will be showing a lot more of the city of Los Angeles in season two as we follow Katie and Charlie on all of their adventures.

As an actor and filmmaker, what do you hope to accomplish by making season two of Adulting?

Davis: As a filmmaker, I hope to improve the quality of the series, create new opportunities for female filmmakers, and have the series receive even more official selections for festivals. Our first season got accepted into ten festivals. For season two I hope to double that, while also receiving some awards and nominations for our work. As an actor, I am just so excited to get back on the set of Adulting. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had- getting to make something you love with your best friends is truly a dream come true.

How can aspiring actors/filmmakers learn from the example you’ve set of having an inclusive production atmosphere on Adulting?

Davis: Something I’ve learned as a filmmaker is that having an inclusive production atmosphere on set doesn’t happen by accident. We work really hard to make sure we are hiring as many women and people of color as we can, and we hope to only increase that moving forward. We also work really hard to create a fun, safe, and inclusive environment on set. When making comedy, I feel that it is extremely important for everyone to feel safe and taken care of in a way that allows them to be goofy and trust their gut to make the scenes as funny and real as possible.

What do you hope viewers will take away from watching season two of Adulting, once it premieres?

Davis: I hope season two helps the audience see that Adulting only gets harder, and as it does it also gets funnier. You’ll make it through, and sometimes, you may even end up with a good story.

NOTE: According to Davis, season two of Adulting will be closed-captioned/subtitled upon its release (again, pending the success of its Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign).

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