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EX-BEST: What Happens When Two Best Friends Suddenly Go Their Separate Ways?

EX-BEST is not just another female-centered web series. It’s a show that, through its characters and storyline, gives viewers a realistic and honest look at how the end of a longtime friendship can dramatically change the lives of those on opposite ends of such a breakup – and how two women attempt to find themselves, while learning more about who they really are, as they try to make sense of their unexpected “new normal”.

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#ThatThingFromBefore – A Humorous Look At Life and Love in New York City

“For years, I have been a hired actor for various gigs in New York, and around the country. It has been my job to help tell other people’s stories, with my own take of course, but they were other people’s visions,” McFadden says. “This was my opportunity to create my own work and share a story that I connect to on a personal level.”

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