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BREAK A HIP: Connecting To The Heart Through Comedy

“I was hired by an older English actress who lived in a one room studio in the heart of Hollywood by herself. Her husband was dead, all of her friends were dead, and she had no one. She was a lovely, complicated woman. And she was alone and frightened. I drove her to the market and to do errands and would make sure she had everything she needed and she would pay me what she called ‘mad money.’ And I needed that mad money at the time.”

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BREAKING AND ENTERING: Real Hollywood. No Entourage.

“BREAKING AND ENTERING is for anyone who has ever had a dream, then started reaching for it only to stop for a moment to ask themselves ‘now what?’ It’s for everyone who has ever worked a job that they hate in order to succeed in a career that they love … BREAKING AND ENTERING is like the bastard child of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and ENTOURAGE if the parents never acknowledged the child’s existence and the child burned down the group home,” ~ Series creator Justin Carter

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