Yet another popular web series has made the transition to TV, on of all days, April 20th (4/20) – a day that’s been something of a holiday for “stoners” all over the world. Vimeo’s critically acclaimed comedy series HIGH MAINTENANCE will soon premiere 6 brand new episodes on HBO.

Those episodes, along with the 19 previously aired on Vimeo, will air later this year across all of the pay TV network’s platforms. In addition to HBO, HIGH MAINTENANCE will be available on demand via HBOGo, and through the network’s new standalone service HBONow. A definitive premiere date has yet to be announced.

Created by the husband and wife duo of Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfield, HIGH MAINTENANCE focuses on the exploits of a mild-mannered Brooklyn-based cannabis salesman known simply as “the guy” (played by Sinclair), whose potent mix of medical marijuana proves to be the cure for what ails his lucrative clientele.

HIGH MAINTENANCE is just the latest in a string of web series that have reached broader audiences via TV. Past web-to-TV success stories include Comedy Central’s BROAD CITY and DRUNK HISTORY, plus Lisa Kudrow’s recently completed (for HBO’s pay-TV rival Showtime) WEB THERAPY. Another notable addition to the list is the Broadway comedy IT COULD BE WORSE (previously covered here), which recently aired on cable network Pivot.

To watch all episodes of HIGH MAINTENANCE, visit the show’s Vimeo page: