OUT WITH DAD Season 3: Entertaining People While Touching Their Lives

We’ve heard from countless young people telling us that the show has given them the courage to come out. Some have even told us they might not be alive today if it weren’t for finding the courage OUT WITH DAD gave them. I don’t think I can express how such a thing can make you feel.


IAN: Not Afraid To Take A Big Risk

Says Evans: “I’d like to borrow five minutes of your day to make you laugh. I’d like to take you out of your world for a moment and bring you into mine. I’d like to share part of myself with you, and I hope you see a bit of yourself in that part as well.”


#WebSeriesWednesday: Long Distance

What would you do if you met the love of your life while on vacation in a different part of the country? Well you’d start up a long distance relationship, obviously…


REVIEW: A Guy Going Crazy

You’ve got a filmmaker with a dream to make it big in Hollywood, but then add in a whole cast of characters …

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#WebSeriesWednesday: Misdirected Season 2

Is it just me or are web series consistently getting better and better? Misdirected is yet another in a line of well made, quality comedy series highlighted in this column.


THE WIG PEOPLE: It’s All In The Family

For Todd, his quest to find his spouse, played by his real life wife Lori, is compounded by his fatherly responsibilities to three kids played by his real life children – 2 year old Evan, 9 year old Kathleen and 5 year old Natalie.