#WebSeriesWednesday: The Away Mission

Red Shirt Film is back on #WebSeriesWednesday this week with their new series ‘The Away Mission’ about a pair of space explorers stranded on a planet – naked.


IAWTV LA Holiday Party 2014

Friday night in downtown Los Angeles the IAWTV threw a little shindig in the 33rd floor penthouse suite of Titan Offices. Lot’s …


#WebSeriesWednesday: Feathers And Toast

This week I watched a cooking show, and learned how to cook with class. You see, while not being a “high class chef” Talulah Grace is clearly “high class” and also cooking.


SPIN THE BOTTLE Season 4: Four Seasons Uncorked

Although Barnard hasn’t ruled out a 5th season, he feels the way season 4 wraps up will truly leave viewers satisfied – as something truly about the greatest gift life can give, and how far we are willing, or able, to go, in order to get it.


RELATIONSH*T: Keep It Simple. Fund It Yourself

Our past experiences lead us to believe that with the same amount of time and energy it takes to create a successful crowd funded campaign, we could probably just get the show started and on its feet.


#WebSeriesWednesday: #ATown

Between the series and the chat I learned a lot about Texas. First, everyone drinks Lone Star Beer, and no one has heard of Pabst Blue Ribbon. This sounds like a net plus.