X: The Web Series – a new comedy web series about the dark side of love. Premieres Tuesday, Feb. 12th.

We all know that love hurts, especially lost love. Yet, not everyone is willing to go to extremes to win back their main squeeze, everyone that is…except Libby Turner, the protagonist of the new 12 episode comedy web series X: THE WEB SERIES, created and produced by the husband and wife team of Jerry Hayes (the show’s director/editor/producer) and Cali Z. Hayes (writer and executive producer).

The series, which premieres on Tuesday, February 12th, with new episodes airing every other week (plus bloopers, cast and crew interviews, and other extras in between each episode), stars Laura Nargi as Libby, who finds herself among the ranks of jilted lovers after her longtime boyfriend, and lead singer of a Journey tribute band, Brett Foglestein (Doug Duke), leaves her. Unable to cope with the heartbreak of being dumped, she goes to desperate (and often dangerous) measures to win him back. The show also stars Paula Schmitt (Charity Lennon), and Natalie Camunas (Mandi LaVine).

Cali developed the show with her husband Jerry, inspired by their own experiences (as well as their friends’ experiences) with the pain that a break-up can bring, and how some people can go to extremes to recapture the love they lost. “We really wanted to combine all of the stories we’d heard or experienced into one epic breakup story to explore what on earth is going on in people’s minds when they act this way,” she says.

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Viewers can expect a lot of excitement in each 5 minute episode as well. “We tried to get away from “talking heads” as much as possible and put a little extra focus on physical comedy to keep things moving and interesting throughout each episode, and our storytelling style was designed to keep the action moving along at breakneck pace.”

Despite virtually no budget, both Cali and Jerry and their cast enjoyed the process, even though the learning curve was steep. “This was really a trial by fire, especially for me, because I’m a writer and not a production person. This project really forced both of us to learn a lot of different skills in a very short period of time,” says Cali.

X: THE WEB SERIES is perfect for fans of some of the more raunchy adult comedies that have hit theaters and TV in the past few years (BRIDESMAIDS, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, and SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE, to name a few), but with one key difference, according to Cali: “The main element that sets X apart, however, is our willingness to go to the dark places necessary to really explore the taboo levels of crazy that often come out in the midst of a breakup. Over the course of season 1, the story spirals to darker and darker places that a lot of other stories just aren’t willing to go.” The Hayes’ have mapped out a five season storyline, charting Libby’s growth through the five stages of grief, from denial (the main focus of season one), leading up to acceptance, a process they both hope to see realized on screen.

Ultimately, X tells a deeper story, a story that many who have experienced love’s trials can appreciate: “For all its cursing and sex jokes, X is really an exploration into how people deal with breakups and heartache, and acknowledging that we don’t always behave as reasonably as we’d like to believe we do.”

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