Do you still randomly power bomb nearby objects? Do you miss dropping some ‘bows on unassuming friends? Then we have a show for you!

Maybe it’s a generational thing. It almost certainly is a male thing. Bring up pro wrestling with a guy born somewhere around the 1980’s and see how their eyes light up. Pro wrestling fandom was as much a requirement to 1990’s tween male-dom as Barbies have been to the youngest members of the opposite sex for years.

I think I had this one for PlayStation!

It’s not tied specifically to America either, as this show comes from the UK. ‘It’s Still Real To Us‘ is about reliving those days as an adult, only without ever really leaving them. Our main characters spend their day playing “WWF No Mercy” on the Nintendo 64, and plot high school reunion dominance at night.

Sometimes though, your big idea is something you are not quite ready for. There are certain mistakes that every filmmaker makes once, and then learns their lesson and moves on. Then there are other things that take time, they take observation and they take practice.

What I am referring to in terms of “It’s Still Real To Us” are the noticeably rough edges. The biggest issue is with the audio. It’s not particularly bad, but in this field, with so many shows competing for eye balls anything less than ‘good’ will not cut it.


Getting audio right can be tricky, and takes some experience but a lot of pain can be prevented by scouting out your locations beforehand. Realizing your rented hall has a problematic echo the day of your shoot is something that can be prevented. Live and learn

I had a lot of issues with the editing, and I thought the script could use more work as well. It’s a little more difficult to be critical here because this area is much more subjective. What I can say is that the pacing is inconsistent, and some jokes are a little disorienting in their delivery. I got the feeling that the shots were not all planned out specifically or that they did not have all the angles they needed when editing.

Planning. Planning. Planning.

Entrance Music Turned Up to 11

I cannot speak to how much time went into editing, but very little time is needed to drop the clips into the timeline in the proper order. Where the real time is spent is in massaging those clips into that perfect visual rhythm.

Rough edges aside, the show has a lot of things going for it: it has a classic, funny premise where we get to see a group of guys who never grew up, and it has a marketable, built in potential fan base of wrestling fans, not to mention an even larger base of nostalgic, former wrestling fans.

We have seen a lot of the most successful youtube creators focus on the video game arena but there are certainly others markets out there untouched. Properties like the WWE and sentiments like nostalgia can make for easy sells to potential audiences.

Still, your team has to execute. Creators “Real Team Film It” understood this well, and have since moved on to smaller projects that will help them refine their craft. There are still big plans in the works for “It’s Still Real To Us” and we will see the team begin to tackle them when they are ready.

You can find “It’s Still Real To Us” and other videos from ‘Real Team Film It’ on their youtube channel at