Many web series creators use facebook to connect with and cultivate their audience. Today the social network unveiled an updated news feed – the part of the site that leads to most social discovery.

The news feed has been widened in order to make it more visually rich while adding options to filter the feed based on videos, music, photos, games or close friends.

The update is part of facebook’s overall goal to promote advertising on the site through higher engagement and increased click-through rates. A more visual facebook is an improvement for advertisers and web creators who thrive on creating visual content.

Promoted Post Functionality

Facebook’s overarching trend towards being an improved advertising platform may end up being a net loss for creators hoping to reach their fan base in the long run. With the advent of promoted posts last year a larger share of facebook user attention is being given to media companies willing to spend money to keep their posts at the top of the page – and in turn your posts at the bottom.

According to a post at New Media Rockstars reach has decreased by as much as 30% and these new changes could increase that number.

Is Facebook still the go to network for connecting with your audience? Perhaps these changes will lead to creators putting their time and effort into other sites like Twitter or even G+.