A man gets punched in the face by love, and the women wear the brass knuckles, in the new comedy web series COMPULSIVE LOVE, written by veteran New York playwright Adam Szymkowicz, and produced by Kevan Tucker, Tim O’Neill, and Aaron Edell. The show, which premiered on Feb. 27th on virtually every web video platform, stars Alex Anfanger (NEXT TIME ON LONNY, the Britanick videos such as EAGLES ARE TURNING PEOPLE INTO HORSES) as Aaron, a hopeless romantic determined to find his one true love, only to get himself into sticky, and comical, situations instead.

Laura Ramadei, who also appeared with Anfanger in the Britanick video, plays Zoey, and Amy Staats plays their boss at the temp agency where they all work. Of course, the show also features some beautiful girls throughout the first season, each of whom will play Aaron’s love interest of the moment.

Hey look! The show is on the side of a building!

COMPULSIVE LOVE is the first web series produced by Tucker, O’Neill and Edell, each of whom are primarily experienced with making feature films, among them, THE UNIDENTIFIED, co-produced by O’Neill and Tucker and now streaming on Netflix, and TRUE TO THE HEART, co-produced by O’Neill and Edell. The show, which raised its entire funding through the popular crowd-funding web site IndieGoGo, filmed its eight episodes over twelve days, and just like each girl who Aaron (Alex Anfanger) meets in each episode of the show, the filming of those episodes had its own unique personalities, an experience made all the more enjoyable by Anfanger’s comedic wit. “Everything that guy (Anfanger) says is funny. We did lots of takes and just kept fucking around with things. Then, in the editing room, we had an abundance of riches. The hard part was figuring out what was funny as well as being relevant to the character and story.”

Tucker, a self-described “movie geek” says that while the web series itself is emerging as a new way of storytelling, he has taken a different approach to the production of COMPULSIVE LOVE, both in its episodic structure (self contained episodes running 5-7 minutes long), and also in its overall approach to the series itself.  “…I think the style of the show is a little more cinematic than most web series are. But maybe that’s just the way we were thinking about it. Maybe once you shrink something down to computer screen size, it all feels about the same, which was part of the experiment for us from the beginning.

Unlike many web series, including comedies, Tucker says that its romantic qualities is what sets COMPULSIVE LOVE apart from all the others. “The show doesn’t trade on irony, cynicism or satire at all. It is unabashedly romantic; in love with the idea of being in love. And the comedy comes from the situations that arise out of that. What I thought the script really got right was that it wasn’t just about a guy trying to have sex with everyone (though there is a lot of sex). It’s about a guy who is completely prepared and excited to invest in every relationship he comes across. He believes each one will change him and fix all his problems. And though each girl he falls for turns out to be a little crazier than he expected, it’s quite clear that he’s the craziest one of all.”

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