The entertainment industry has its own share of egos, and so too does the world of college theatre. In the new web series mockumentary THE OPPOSITE OF PEOPLE, created by Bret Jones (himself a real life college theatre company director at Wichita State University), a group of ambitious – and sometimes delusional – young thespians pursue their dreams of stardom, and all the slings and arrows that go with it, with zany results.

The young ensemble features Caleb Hoffman (as Guy, who proudly boasts to have worked with Martin Scorsese, not to mention having served him while working as a waiter), Damian Padilla as Larry, a LARPer (Live Action Role Player), Rachel Curtiss as delusional actress Deena, Aaron Craven as the uber-egotistical Blake), Claire Gerig as the understudy, Celeste, who soon gets thrust into the spotlight after the troupe’s incumbent diva, Tess, gets hit by a car while running from Blake, and Megan Gill as Kandi, a devout Christian who somehow finds herself cast in “hussy” roles, much to her objections.

Jones based THE OPPOSITE OF PEOPLE on his own experiences as a theatre director, and having witnessed first-hand the egos and competitiveness of young actors, while using the web series medium not only as an opportunity for his own group of talented actors to shine, but also as a teaching tool. “As a theatre professor I became intrigued with what was happening with the web series concept.  Was this really a serious medium for me to teach my actors about? I quickly realized it was, with the success of many web series out there. I am a writer of plays, audio theatre, novels, and a couple of short films, but I hadn’t ventured into the web series medium.  I wanted to try it out and give my acting students a chance to get some experience doing it.”

The series follows the production process of a stage play (in this case, one by Moliere), from the wacky and highly competitive audition phase, to the casting, scripts, romances, and rivalries between the cast, as they each work towards putting on an entertaining, top-flight production.

THE OPPOSITE OF PEOPLE utilizes a mockumentary format (most prominently used on shows like MODERN FAMILY and THE OFFICE) as its main storytelling device, making for a hilarious inside look at the art of making art, and Jones hopes that the show will appeal to a wide audience, not just those who work in the theatre. “The show will appeal to college theatre people (students and staff), college age folks, and those that are around creative people who have big egos and aren’t afraid to show it.  I do try and write the material to be universal enough to hit as many people as possible.”

Jones, who in addition to being a fan of classic movies, and classic stage plays by Shakespeare and Moliere, was also inspired by the works of mockumentary pioneer Christopher Guest (WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, BEST IN SHOW, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION) to create THE OPPOSITE OF PEOPLE, a show that tells a unique story of young actors who already think they’ve hit it big – but who have no idea of the hardships that will soon follow in their pursuit of stardom. “I suppose the main theme is that folks in the creative arts are ego-centered, self-aggrandizing, and there usually isn’t much to base it on–that’s the source of the humor in the show.  I would describe the show as a fun, clean comedy that shows the zany side of college theatre folks who truly believe they will be the next super star.”