How far would you go just to stay afloat? Would you risk your freedom, and your dignity, just to make a living? Three desperate, cash-strapped friends try to find out in the new four part drama web series REDEMPTION’S END, written and directed by Daniel Rusteau, and created by Claudius S. Peters.

The series stars Peters as Michael, a troubled young man, who despite having a girlfriend, Mia (Belinda Fenty), and a new job, he remains close friends with Samuel (Rowan Clift) and James Wardel (Aiden). With their backs against the wall, the four friends end up turning to a life of crime, by robbing the graves of freshly buried bodies, and then selling them on the black market. The show also stars Daniel Ahmadi (as Corey, a friend of Samuel’s), and Gershwyn Eustache, Jr. (as Dean, Mia’s older brother). The show’s third of four episodes premieres later this week on Youtube.

Peters created REDEMPTION’S END after seeing many other web series created and based in the U.K., yet he wanted to create a series that stood apart from the otherwise light-hearted, comedic shows that already exist. “I had a rough plot and some characters in my head, but I knew that I needed a strong writer and director to bring it together. So I approached Daniel, who I had worked with and studied with before. He loved the story, and just had a bunch of ideas of where it should go. So we would meet up every week and just hash out where the story would go, and then he would write it up. I think getting Daniel to write it was a huge step, as I wanted the piece to have a certain energy, and we share a similar taste in TV, so it worked.”

Producing a web series is always a challenge for creators, but the production of REDEMPTION’S END proved to be an even bigger challenge for Peters and his crew, a task that was further complicated by an unexpected event. “The production process was insane. We decided (that) we wanted to film everything at once, and then on the second day of shooting we were robbed, so (we lost) hard drives with footage, lights and sound equipment. Oh, and MacBooks were stolen from our van. We didn’t have insurance; don’t ask how we got over that. (That) could be another show in itself,” recalls Peters.

Peters cites such popular TV dramas as MAD MEN, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, and THE WIRE as among his creative inspirations. Like REDEMPTION’S END, each of those shows has one thing in common: morally conflicted characters, each with their own good – and bad – qualities. With his series, he set out to create a dramatic series that stands apart from other U.K. based web comedies and dramas, both in its storytelling, and also in its overall production. “I think (that) bringing a dark, slow paced drama is refreshing. We spent a lot of time on locations, how scenes were lit, and on the rare occasions we used music, we had someone compose the music, which all adds to the show feeling new and original.”

REDEMPTION’S END is an entertaining, and starkly different, change of pace from most web series. With compelling characters and riveting drama, it poses an important question, one that its four young protagonists face throughout each episode, according to Peters: “I would say the theme of the show is more of a question: does the end justify the means? When faced with a unique set of challenges, what will we be willing to do, and in turn, is it possible to seek redemption after crossing that line?”