The law of attraction is a very powerful thing, and no one knows that better than Winston, a male gigolo whose sexual prowess and tantric powers turn women on in unexpected and hilarious ways in the new comedy web series SEX POSE MAN, written, created by and starring David Bianchi (SOUTHLAND, GENERAL HOSPITAL, VERSES AND FLOW, along with roles in many studio and indie movies) as Winston, a man whose nightly adventures in sex are inspired by some of life’s most mundane aspects, providing his clients with both memorable and hilarious experiences.

The show’s first episode debuted this past July on Youtube (see link below) and also stars Heather Lindell (DAYS OF OUR LIVES) and Rhyan Schwartz as Winston’s friend and stoner roommate Carl. The series was self-funded by Bianchi’s production company Exertion Films. Two episodes have already been produced, and Bianchi hopes to present the show as a pilot for possible pickup by a network in the near future. Both episodes were directed and co-produced by the award-winning Daniel J. Pico of Pico Blvd. Entertainment.

Although the idea for SEX POSE MAN was already in place, the show itself wasn’t quite ready to be produced – for a variety of reasons. “The idea initially came to me about 3 years ago and I wrote one episode that I pitched to another team of guys, and then it laid dormant for a few years. The idea was always a very self absorbed sexually tantric guy that pulls off goofy escapades with women (as we know in production). The elements all have to be in place for something to actually happen, and finally the time came where things did. It also had a lot to do with me. I wasn’t physically ready to play the character so it took a year of hard cross fit training and muscle development to get me physically ready for the role as well,” Bianchi recalls.

Casting the show was just one of many memorable experiences for Bianchi. “Rhyan Schwartz, who does a fantastic job as the roommate stoner (Carl), I met on (the) set of a Lays commercial that was directed by Brett Ratner (director of such blockbuster films like the RUSH HOUR series, TOWER HEIST, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, etc.) and as soon as I saw him I knew he was the guy. I just didn’t know if he could act, and (it) turns out he rocks! I admit it was one of the best casting days of my life. To have 30 smoking hot women come in and do simulated orgasms for you on cue is pretty epic!” he says.

Like many other web series, the production process was just as memorable – and just as hectic. “We’re sharks when it comes to shooting. We shot 2 episodes in 1 day, which totaled 11 pages, 6 locations, 3 company moves, all shot in 14 hours. Then post took a while…when you’re pulling favors, things take time, plus we had original score, original title music and visual FX shots, green screen compositing, sound design and mix, motion graphics in the opening etc., so the process as a whole was fairly involved and it took professionals from front to back. Anyone who watches SPM can tell it was produced by a team of people that really know what they’re doing,” Bianchi says.

SEX POSE MAN is sure to be a hit with viewers who have a taste for raunchy humor a la Judd Apatow (FREAKS AND GEEKS, KNOCKED UP, THIS IS 40, THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, etc.), radio shock jock Howard Stern, or Seth Macfarlane (FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD!, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, among others), yet Bianchi feels that his show may be unlike any other comedy out there, especially among those that deal in an unsophisticated brand of humor. With SEX POSE MAN, he hopes to give viewers a show that not only takes them inside one man’s bizarre sexual fantasies, but also gives them a show that is, as he puts it, “one HELL of a laugh with all the fantasy you could want and more.”


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