Today’s #WebSeriesWednesday was hot and heavy as we were joined by David Bianchi and his new series about one man who is more than just a man, but rather a purely sexual being.

Most men spend their lives dedicated to an assortment of different ambitions, from creative and artistic, to women and family, hobbies like sports or movies, rarely can a man be defined by one thing. Winston – a.k.a. “SEX POSE MAN!” is that rare man, capable of one singular purpose – sex. In Winston’s case sex is his ambition, his art, his hobby, his career – his entire life dedicated to reaching some higher, deeper, dare I say spiritual, yet physical enlightenment. While I’ve yet to see this character portrayed on tv, or in a movie, I can honestly say I’ve met a few guys like this in real life. I mentioned the show to a co-worker, who I thought would enjoy seeing his own personal life journey displayed in a web series, only to discover he was already all caught up with Sex Pose Man.

Now, I usually watch completed series for review on #WebSeriesWednesday, but I was a little under the gun this week without a show lined up, so I can’t hold Sex Pose Man’s brief, two episode, length against it but this does open up a few items for discussion that would not normally come up.

When you visit the Exertion Films youtube channel – they are Bianchi’s production company – you’ll notice more content than just the two currently released episodes. While the episodes are produced and released one, two or three at a time, a strategy that can leave fans wanting, Bianchi has been wise to include a lot of supplemental content on the channel that is super easy to produce and clever enough to be worth checking out.

Check out ‘Sex Pose Man And Fruit’, a video that is simply some close up shots of Bianchi messing around with some fruit. You’ll never see an orange the same way again – I guarantee it. The channel also features a couple of videos called “SEXPOSEMANISMS” which are really just Bianchi saying a single joke directly into the camera. Right now there are two such videos uploaded, one where Sex Pose Man talks about heartbreak, and another where he makes a joke about pregnancy. For a show that can only release full episodes every so often, supplemental material is vital to keeping your content in the minds of audiences.

The absolute best bonus content are the character summaries for each episode. It’s an unscripted, in character Q&A about the events of the episode. This is where Stefanie Barboza, who plays Linda – Sex Pose Man’s customer in the first episode – really shinned. I don’t know if she is doing stand-up somewhere out here but if she is I’d go to that show. Her off the cuff answers to some rather generic questions were riotous.

The episodes themselves feature a well put together supporting cast. Each character we are introduced to, while typically only getting one scene or so, has the depth to be revisited and stand out.  Bianchi is looking to cast some recognizable faces to fill out the supporting cast in future episodes, with Gerry Bednob playing Winston’s sexual guru. I like the strategy, it should ensure plenty more memorable side characters and put that professional seal of approval on what is obviously a purely professional production.

To follow along with Sex Pose Man’s Journey follow David Bianchi on twitter and check out Exertion Films Youtube channel here.