Some of our favorite creators have worked together on some Halloween themed videos for you to enjoy while you hide in the dark with your lights out from those trick-or-treat-ers. The folks from ‘The Bloody Mary Show‘ collaborated with creators from ‘3some‘ and ‘I Am Tim‘ on a few spooky lists that are sure to leave you #perilised with fear!

  • Top 5 Gay Movie Monsters

Spooky gay hero Abdabs counts down the Top Five Gay Movie Monsters.

With English and Italian Captions.


  • Top 5 Misunderstood Movie Monsters

Abdabs counts down the Top Five Misunderstood Movie Monsters.

With reactions from Tim Helsing of the I Am Tim web series.


  • Top 5 Scary Urban Legends

Join Abdabs as he counts down the Top Five Scariest Urban Legends, with reactions from 3Some’s Jenny. Will Abdabs be able to keep his cool?


The awesome team behind Red Shirt Films has also created Halloween episodes for both of their web series.

  • Nights At The Round Table: Episode 5 “Halloween 2013 Special.”

When a possessed board game is delivered to the table, who will survive the night?


  • I Am Tim: Season 2 Episode 12 “Dawn of the Reds”

When Chris Helsing, the brother of heroic monster hunter and protagonist Tim Helsing, wakes up in the woods with the president of the I Am Tim fan club and a dozen or more Red Shirts carnage ensues!

If you have any other new Halloween episodes please share them in the comments!