No matter what unexpected, wacky or just plain weird moments happen in everyday life, it’s always great to have a best friend to share them with. Perhaps no greater proof of that axiom can be found in the new comedy web series THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW. The series, which debuted on October 22nd, 2013, is now streaming its 6 episode first season via the Video Lettuce Tomato Channel on Youtube, plus the channel’s official web site (which doubles as a link to the channel’s Youtube page). Created by and starring real life best friends Erin Coleman and Tiffany Berube, and directed by Matt Swanson, THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW follows the adventures of two young women, both the closest of friends: Tiffany (played by Berube) and Erin (played by Coleman), who experience some of life’s most hilarious moments…together.

However, their pursuits of fun are constantly upstaged by Erin’s annoying cousin, Karen (Kerry Carroll), who not only makes life miserable for Tiffany and Erin, but desperately tries to become part of their inner circle. In addition, Kate Linder from the long-running daytime soap THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS guest stars in the show’s season finale, a parody of the popular nighttime drama REVENGE as the deliciously devious and vengeful Veronica Greydaughter. Coleman and Berube say that they plan on filming a second season of episodes next March.

THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW grew primarily out of Berube and Coleman’s real life friendship, but also out of some of the wacky adventures they both embarked on when they were just starting out as actresses. “Erin and I met while working as servers in the same restaurant five years ago and became instant besties. On our breaks, we would go on little errands (and the occasional happy hour) together that would inevitably turn into silly adventures. We share the same comedic sensibility and have similar acting training backgrounds so these adventures always sparked fun ideas for scenes. We toyed with the idea of creating our own content but never thought we had ‘the winner’,” Berube says.

As Coleman adds, she and Berube soon came up with the idea for their series while spending a particularly busy day at the Happiest Place On Earth. “We kept saying we wanted to work together creatively but couldn’t figure out a concept. Then, one particularly silly day at Disneyland that included princess makeovers, temper tantrums and day drinking, Tiffany turned to me and said ‘this is so funny, this should be our series.’  And thus, THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW was born,” she says.

While Berube and Coleman had little trouble finding their cast of talented actors, many of which came from the Actors Comedy Studio (where they both train), putting the wacky adventures of two best friends on camera was a process that they both worked hard to perfect. “We wanted to make sure our concept was good before putting money into it, so we grabbed a few kind friends and a camera and shot a 6 episode pre-season, paying our crew  and talent with coffee, bagels and hugs. Along the way we learned the ins and outs of what it takes to produce a web series and also gained an awesome and supportive fan base. We called that little project TIFFANY AND ERIN: BEFORE THEY WERE STARS,” Coleman recalls.

After a successful IndieGoGo campaign that netted $5,200, production began on the series. As Coleman explains, the dedication and talent of the show’s cast and crew was on full display throughout the filming of its 6 episodes, even though producing them had its own share of challenges. “The series was shot in four days with a full crew and two episodes shot per day for three days, and one pick up day.It was an ambitious shoot with multiple locations and little time but we made it work and somehow survived with our sanity intact. It was a very collaborative effort with a lot of talented people donating their time and skills. We were lucky enough to shoot a project that was better than our budget because of the help of our network of filmmaking friends.”

THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW is one of several new web series featured on the Video Lettuce Tomato channel on Youtube, a spot dedicated to high quality, original web series. According to Coleman, the channel seeks not only to provide viewers (and gain more) with its content, but also to build a large community of filmmakers through collaboration and promotion of their works. “This is a collaborative YouTube channel that is dedicated to quality, narrative content. We work together to grow our subscription base and promote and produce each others’ projects. It’s a growing collaborative community of storytellers and we’re excited to have the support of other filmmakers.”

Achieving critical and commercial success is always a plus for web series creators – or for filmmakers of all stripes. Yet, Berube and Coleman have an even greater goal they hope to accomplish with THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW: “We want to put more female driven comedy into the marketplace. This is our debut as actresses and producers into the YouTube community. We are using it as a tool within the industry to showcase ourselves to fellow content creators, casting directors and show runners.  We would love to be picked up by a major network like Comedy Central or FX, following in the footsteps of web series like BURNING LOVE and WORKAHOLICS,” they say.

With outstanding production quality, plus hilarious comedy and performances by Berube, Coleman, Carroll and its group of guest stars, THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW  is a web series that viewers who enjoy intelligent humor and smartly written characters will instantly appreciate. “The show is female-centric and driven. Our sense of comedy is rooted in a heightened sense of reality, with a highly stylized, character driven humor. The writing is very strong. We’re proud of the quality, narrative content we produced,” Coleman says. Adds Berube: “The plot is driven by two anti-hero leads who walk a fine line in likeability. As actors, we’re not afraid for our characters to be disliked, because we know the audience will always come back on board. Our friendship and unbreakable bond redeem us.”

Note: the series is not currently closed-captioned, but Berube and Coleman say that they’re looking into adding that feature for the show’s second season.

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