Relationships are defined by their highs and lows; they’re fun and challenging at the same time. Yet, no matter how exciting and unpredictable it gets, when you’re with the people you love and care about, what happens in public is nothing compared to those intimate moments spent with the man (or woman) who just happens to be sharing your life with you.

That’s the theme of the new comedy web series ALONE, TOGETHER, created by series co-star Rosa Handelman (who also brought viewers SINGLE WHITE FEMALES) and directed by Patrick Wymore (who also directed and co-produced SINGLE WHITE FEMALES). ALONE, TOGETHER’s first season of 7 episodes launched on Wednesday, March 26th on its official web site and Youtube page.

ALONE, TOGETHER co-stars Handelman as Julia, who’s smitten with her long term boyfriend Lewis (Brooks Morrison of the web series PEACHFUZZ). Both Julia and Lewis seek to not only maintain steady employment in L.A. by taking whatever odd jobs they can find, but more importantly they hope to keep their relationship just as rock solid.

However, while Julia and Lewis have been dating each other for quite some time, they’re not necessarily open (as of yet) to taking the plunge into married life even though their friends are rapidly starting to do the same.

Handelman’s previous web series, SINGLE WHITE FEMALES, depicted in sketch format the adventures of two young women (series co-creators Handelman and Phoebe Neidhardt as themselves) who seek excitement and romance in the vast reaches of Los Angeles. Yet, unlike SINGLE WHITE FEMALES, Handelman decided to portray the ups and downs of love in a manner that’s both realistic and reflective of modern times in her new show.

“Since my last series SINGLE WHITE FEMALES was so absurd, I really wanted to make my next series extremely relatable. And what’s more universal than love… with a healthy dose of sarcasm? And as the New York Times and trend pieces everywhere point out, this generation of twenty and thirty somethings are getting married later and having fewer kids, so I also wanted to create a series that touched on that, since it’s something I’ve experienced first hand.”

Having plenty of experience in the romance department – and especially in the often awkward private moments that come with being in love – provided Handelman with more than enough inspiration to bring ALONE, TOGETHER to the web. “I came up with the idea for the show when I noticed that my boyfriend and I do the dumbest, meanest, weirdest things when we’re alone, together. It’s that comfort level, you know? When someone really knows you, you feel free to be yourself, for better or worse. It’s like your significant other becomes a part of your family, but ideally you still have sex. So I thought there was a lot of comedy to explore in that dichotomy,” she says.

Handelman was also familiar with her co-star Morrison, having worked with him previously and also through her working relationship (and friendship) with her former SINGLE WHITE FEMALES co-star.

“I met Brooks on a commercial shoot and we hit it off. Funnily enough he was playing the beau of Phoebe Neidhardt, (who co-created Single White Females with me) so now Brooks has played both of our fake boyfriends.”

That familiarity also factored heavily into the show’s production, and filming of the series’ 7 episodes came with a fun and exciting environment for Handelman, her cast and crew. “The production process was really fun and relatively stress free. Since we all knew each other beforehand there was great energy and lots of dumb improv (my favorite kind). Most importantly, my dog Charlie was on set playing… my dog Charlie. So obviously everyone was in a really good mood (because she is extremely cute). If we were talking in person this is when I’d whip out my iPhone to force pics upon you, but since we’re talking over the interwebs, I’ll spare you,” she jokes.

While most romantic comedies tend to view love and relationships from the often awkward and uncomfortable perspective of dating, to when they’re fully consummated through marriage, ALONE, TOGETHER takes a decidedly different and refreshing approach to the sub-genre that focuses on the seemingly mundane moments that come with being in love.

“I think the show takes place after most series stop (or before they begin). It’s not about dating, which is arguably the most exciting, sexy, mysterious part of the wooing process, nor is it about marriage, which is an industry all on it’s own. Our show is about the in-between time, the day-to-day happenings that a lot of us experience with our significant others: the boring Friday nights where you feel like you’re missing out, the petty arguments that seemingly spring up out of nowhere and the absurd conversations you find yourself getting into walking up to a party. It’s not always pretty, but I like to think it’s pretty funny.” Handelman adds.

In a nutshell, Handelman hopes that through its hilarious comedy and relatable stories, ALONE, TOGETHER will easily hit close to home for anyone who’s ever known someone who’s been in love, as well as those who are, or have been, in a romantic relationship and have experienced those weird (and sometimes wonderful) moments behind closed doors. “I hope to showcase the day-to-day humor that comes with living with another human being. Because we’re all stars of our own story, no matter how small that story is.”

(Note: The series is not currently closed-captioned, but Handelman hopes to add that feature at some point.)