Last night I got a chance to stop by the premiere party for the new series ‘Acting Dead,’ which will be releasing its first episode today. Those in attendance were lucky enough to see a screening of the first two episodes, which I have got to say looked very promising.

To read a little back story on the show check out our previous article on the series. Having finally got to see what was previously only hinted at the show clicked for me. Acting Dead is essentially ‘Being Human’ meets ‘Arrested Development’ and it’s about actors.

That description is straight to the point and I believe highly accurate. The show has that same style and humor fans of Arrested Development will love, but with a plot that follows some supernatural creatures around on their quest to hit it big in Hollywood. If the concept sounds a little odd, it certainly is, but the scenario is just a vehicle for a satire of the vain, inhuman qualities that mar Hollywood.

Can’t wait to see some more. Now for a lot of pictures! If you were there and don’t see yourself here, email me! I probably have a picture of you.