Since the prophecies of Nostradamus became a popular source of speculation and dissemination among scholars and the public at large, the topic of doomsday (specifically the exact day and time of the end of the world) has become one of the most talked about issues of our time. That debate would reach a fever pitch in 2012, when the Mayan calendar allegedly foretold that the world would cease to exist by 2013. After all that hype and hoopla, the world’s still turning – but that doesn’t mean such talk has ceased, nor has it stopped becoming fodder for countless movies, TV series and web series.

The latest to join that parade is the new comedy SHEILA AND SHERRY SAVE THE WORLD, which debuted on its official Youtube page this February with 3 episodes and a short film. 3 more episodes are set to air, but a date has not yet been determined. The series is written, produced, created by and starring Amy Lloyd as Sherry and Christy Holy as Sheila, two single, unemployed and meandering best friends living in Ohio. While Sheila tends to take a very skeptical view of life, Sherry sees things from a more hopeful perspective.

Suddenly, their seemingly ordinary lives are given incredible new purpose thanks to the latest danger to befall the world at large: solar flares. From there, Sherry and Sheila try to save all humanity, and themselves, from total catastrophe – with hilarious results.

The first 3 episodes primarily focus on Sherry, but Lloyd and Holy say that Sheila’s story will become more prominent in the next 3. “The next three episodes will focus on Sheila. Beyond that we haven’t decided, but certainly our vision continues to grow with the many possibilities these characters and this situation offers.”

With plenty of on stage experience as comediennes, Lloyd and Holy found that the emerging new medium of web series would be the perfect outlet for their adventures of two women out to save the world from whatever disasters come its way. “The two of us had done a few personal essay shows where we practiced both our writing and acting skills in a different venue. This prompted us to play with the idea of writing something together and because web series seemed to be popping up all over the place, we started there.”

Both the seemingly endless hysteria over the ancient Mayan prophecy of the world’s demise and Lloyd’s real life training as a 911 call dispatcher were the primary inspirations for what would become SHEILA AND SHERRY SAVE THE WORLD.

“The actual idea of the show was two-fold: First, at the time, there were a seemingly endless amount of stories about the Mayan calendar and how the world was going to end in 2013. Secondly, I had just completed a course in becoming a 911 dispatcher. Because I have no ability to take anything too seriously, I proposed the idea to Christy about combining the themes of the world ending with the worst 911 operator ever. She liked it and we were off running with our web series idea. The two character’s friendship was an outgrowth of our own, which was perfect as we both share the same droll sense of humor and surplus of moxie,” Lloyd and Holy say.

In each episode, both Sheila and Sherry not only try to save all humanity from certain destruction, but they also learn more about who they are as people and what they’re truly capable of. “The overall theme has a particular focus (saving the world) and a time frame. Now, (in) every episode they do or try to do something heroic. Also, with each episode the two women learn something about themselves. In their act of attempted heroism, what they discover are their true natures: fumbling, incapable, but certainly willing to improve,” Lloyd and Holy add.

Even though both Lloyd and Holy found plenty of inspiration from real life, the biggest reason that both decided to create SHEILA AND SHERRY SAVE THE WORLD was one that every web series creator can identify with and appreciate. “We wanted control over our own work. Tired of waiting around to find work as actresses and writers, we took the cue and created our own.”

Despite a difficult production process, each episode was enhanced by a series of talented guest actors who added to the show’s comedic effectiveness plus an experienced and dedicated crew behind the camera.

“We hired outside help for the DP and the graphics and some assistance with editing. It was a labor of love that often felt appropriately laborious, painful, and exhausting. But in the end, we birthed our shiny little project all by ourselves,” Lloyd and Holy add.

Through the hilarious adventures of two women out to make a difference in the world, and to save it (and themselves) from being blown to smithereens by solar flares or whatever calamitous threat comes along, SHEILA AND SHERRY SAVE THE WORLD appeals to both the superhero and the underdog in all of us. Yet, no matter how often we all have tried (and failed, at times) to make the world a better place, the most important thing is that we can all learn plenty about ourselves along the way – and to find plenty of humor in the process.

Lloyd and Holy sum up the show’s impact and effectiveness this way: “The shows are irreverent, a little dark, but also funny. I think that is true of human nature no matter the situation. Serious moments can be the funniest, and the funniest, the most tragic. The demise of the world is not inherently humorous, but trying to save it maybe is.” Or, as simply put by both stars/creators: “Life is about showing up, regardless of the outcome. It isn’t always about accomplishing the goal, it’s that you tried.”

(Note: The series is not currently closed captioned, but Lloyd and Holy hope to add that feature to each episode at some point in the future.)