“Roomiess” is a lot of fun, and a great example of a lot of the current trends in web series.

Check out any one of the ten episodes and you’re sure to find some goofy humor, a reference to LA, a memorable one liner and generally all in around two and a half minutes.

From a producers stand point I love the simplicity, and how clearly it shows us that you can make a solid show without all that much beyond a good script and a lot of effort.

Going through ‘Roomiess” you’ll find that it’s all shot in a single location, often a single room, and at least in one case they managed to pull off an entire episode in I think just three shots. I’ve seen other shows that had similarly simple set ups but it often doesn’t work. The reason the simplicity of ‘Roomies’ works is because it has taken simplicity all the way. Not a single episode cracks three minutes!

While I generally am a fan of the long form style, this is a great example of how to do things in an easily digestible, short format. Set up, punch line, one liner, rinse, repeat, call it an episode. The episodes just run by and there is not a dud in the group. Each episode is centered around a really simple concept like going on a juice cleanse, drinking a lot of coffee, craving ice cream, an interesting side character – the list goes on.

For anyone out there looking into making a web series I definitely would recommend taking a lot at the structure and decision making that is behind this series.

While web series are a global movement there is clearly something of a sub genre that I’d refer to as ‘LA web series.’ ‘Roomiess’ just might be a definitive LA web series. While the series doesn’t go outside, down all those familiar streets, or in front of those familiar landmarks, it has noticeably LA writing. That sounds funny but just watch the show. The first episode is about going on a juice cleanse. Who does that outside of Los Angeles? Cardio Bar? Are you kidding me?! And you really gotta live here for awhile if you are going to understand the episode ‘Bi-Partisan’ and it’s references to West Hollywood and Orange County.

What I find funny about the strong LA influence is the fact that creators Sal Neslusan and Edward Kiniry-Ostro are transplants from the east coast, Massachusetts and Maine respectively, who met out here in LA and formed a bond that would be the basis for ‘Roomiess.’

From concept in February to release in August, ‘Roomiess’ is a testament to getting off your butt and creating something. For Neslusan this is the second well reviewed series she’s been a part of that was highlighted in this column this year. This show has a lot going for it, and hopefully this can open a few doors for some talented people.

Take a minute and check out ‘Roomiess’ on at their official site, http://roomiess.com