How far would you go to protect your sex drive, especially if it means having to shield it from a bunch of geeky upstarts hell bent on cornering the market on a product that could dominate the already thriving male enhancement industry?

That’s the dilemma a ragtag motorcycle group faced in season 1 of the hilarious comedy web series DEVIL’S COURIERS, created by series co-star Shane Cibella, and now streaming via its official web site and Youtube page.

Prior to its second season premiere, that page also features supplemental content in the form of “interrogations” of the Couriers by FDA officials. That content, which leads into the main storyline of season 2, began airing June 14th, with 10 slated to be released on a bi-monthly basis.

In the meantime, Cibella and Aslin are currently seeking to raise $40,000 via the popular crowd funding platform IndieGoGo for production of season 2 of DEVIL’S COURIERS. That campaign runs through Sept. 30th.

DEVIL’S COURIERS portrays the story of a motorcycle gang, led by its president Richie (John Charles Meyer). Richie and his crew, including its handsome, intimidating yet dimwitted vice president Max (Tim Aslin), and Tristan, the deranged Sergeant at Arms (Shane Cibella), work hard to protect a thriving retirement community, while at the same time struggling to maintain an equally successful, yet highly illegal, male enhancement drug operation.

However, their business, as well as the otherwise peaceful atmosphere of the retirement community that the Couriers protects, is suddenly threatened by a new rival gang: the Hipsters on Scooters, who instantly seize control of the popular erectile dysfunction drug Bonera.

From there, the Couriers and the Hipsters battle each other for control of the community, as well as for who will capture what could be the biggest antidote for low libido since Viagra…all while trying to stay one step ahead of the law in the form of cops Frank (Kovar McClure) and Dillan (Brian Ibsen).

Along with the show’s talented ensemble cast, season 2 of DEVIL’S COURIERS also features Etienne Eckert as Agent La’Bia, the incredibly loyal spouse and deputy of the lead FDA investigator (yet to be cast) who’s out to bring down the Couriers, while also seeking to “boost his performance” through Bonera. For her, though, the biggest victory would be if he can help bring up their own little bundle of joy.

An avid fan of comedy and action thrillers, and a talented comedy writer/actor, Cibella got the inspiration to create DEVIL’S COURIERS while watching a popular series that revolves around one of the baddest motorcycle gangs ever to hit the small screen: FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY.

As the show’s producers explain, combining the world of hard nosed bikers with witty, edgy humor was a no-brainer for Cibella.

However, bringing his vision to life was truly a team effort; one that ended up being a huge task for all involved as the show’s storyline evolved. “After writing a first draft of season 1, Shane brought in Tim Aslin and Kovar McClure to continue developing his ideas. With the three of them writing, producing, and acting in the show, the team reached out to Winston Abalos as a fourth producer to help with the work load.”

The next step in their work load was finding the best actors to portray the show’s tough, yet wacky band of outlaws, as well as the people who care about them. As the show’s producers explain, that process has also become easier now that they’ve gotten a full season under their belts.

“Much of the cast came from colleagues that the team had previously worked with. A casting session was held to fill the remaining roles. With Season 2 looming, the production has streamlined their process. Now that all of the pieces are in place, and with virtually all of the cast and crew from season 1 ready and excited to return, many of the challenges from the first season are taken care of.”

As production began on season 1, Cibella, Aslin, McClure and Abalos knew that despite the limited budget and scale of their series, bringing viewers a professional, quality product that would stand out from the often dubious qualities of other smaller, cheaply produced scale web series was their highest priority.

“One thing about our show that we knew we wanted right from the start was the highest production quality possible. We wanted to surpass the stigma that goes along with the term web series as low budget, sub-par writing and acting. We set out to make a show that could stand next to anything on network television and we believe we have from a production stand point. The show looks amazing.”

Perhaps the biggest reason why DEVIL’S COURIERS’ production has become so efficient is the teamwork and camaraderie of the show’s cast and crew. For the show’s creators, the strong sense of togetherness between cast and crew, on set and off, has contributed to that success.

“We consider our team to be more akin to a family and will work with them for the rest of our careers. At the onset any production is difficult. Finding the right pieces can be exhausting, but when you do and you oil the machine you’ve created the pay off is extraordinary.”

As a result of their hard work and dedication to creating outstanding quality content on a low budget, Cibella, Aslin, McClure and Abalos have already won over audiences and fans of both hard nosed action and wacky comedy through DEVIL’S COURIERS.

For them, just bringing laughter to their audiences is perhaps the most important and rewarding goal they’ve achieved in season 1, and it’s one they seek to continue as season 2 approaches.

“The response has been nothing short of incredible, and overwhelmingly positive. It seems that everyone who watches the show loves it, even if it’s not something they would normally seek out. That’s a good sign that we are doing a few things right. We garnered over half a million views on Season 1 and it continues to build,” they add.

With crossover appeal among young men and women, and a devoted fan base who loves both SONS OF ANARCHY, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and even other web series like VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL and THE GUILD in equal measure, Cibella, Aslin, McClure and Abalos sum up what makes the show tick in four simple words: “Beer, blood, babes and bikes. What more could you ask for?”

(Note: The series is currently closed-captioned.)