The power of the mind might just be stronger than you think. The strange phenomena known as telekinesis empowers the mind to do much more than just think. It can move objects. It can control people who seek to interfere with those powers.

For those who possess the powers of telekinesis, the mind can be the most powerful, and the most dangerous thing that exists in our world. In the upcoming supernatural thriller web series EXTRAORDINARY, one young woman’s incredible telekinetic powers hold the key to her survival, and quite possibly, the fate of humanity.

02Created and produced by Kriss Hoffman of New Orleans-based Savage Light Studios, and Jearl Vinot of Cross The Bayou Productions, EXTRAORDINARY’s 13 episode first season will premiere on April 30th on its official web site and Youtube pages. A link to the show’s teaser for season 1 is at the embedded link below.

The series’ first four episodes will also be previewed on April 27th at 9 PM Eastern during a live chat on the web site In addition, Hoffman hopes that the series’ first season will be made available on DVD by next Christmas, and a series of related comic books will appear sometime after the show’s first season concludes.

EXTRAORDINARY takes place in a city that truly fits that description – New Orleans. It’s there where the series’ main protagonist, Sylvia (played by Johanna Lee Collier), learns about the true nature of her new found abilities, as well as the consequences that come as a result of them. Over the course of the season, Sylvia does battle with Razi (Ronnie Hooks), a fierce, malevolent villain who seeks to destroy her precisely because of her superpowers.

01As she recruits other individuals who possess significant powers of their own, Sylvia and her team battle to defeat Razi’s deadly threat.

Opposing their efforts are assassin Keiran (Brooke Pierce) who uses the power of teleportation to combat Sylvia’s powers, and Razi’s clair-sentient (using touch and feel to gain knowledge) associate Pandora (played by Trisha Disney).

The rest of EXTRAORDINARY’s talented ensemble cast includes Matt Story as Daniel, Sylvia’s best friend, plus Danny Zanelotti as Roy, a crook who threatens Sylvia’s life in a bank robbery, and Gabriel di Chiarra as Simon. Possessing unique powers of precognition (knowing something will happen before it happens), Simon is well aware of the implications of Sylvia’s powers.

An outgrowth of a full length novel Hoffman wrote called DEATH CRAMPS MY STYLE (now available on, EXTRAORDINARY first took shape in a completely different form – that of a feature length movie – several years ago.

While production problems and Mother Nature permanently derailed the project, Hoffman revised the concept into its current form as a supernatural thriller web series. As he explains, creating the project is a desire he has long sought to fulfill.

09“I’ve always been excited by super heroes, and have wanted to do something like this. We actually shot a feature film 6 years ago of the same name. Due to production issues and a loss of the tapes to a flood, it never saw the light of day,” Hoffman remembers. “That was a comedy, even though this is not. And I never really know where my ideas come from. I will get inspiration and it percolates and then it is there.”

For Hoffman, one of the major sources of inspiration for filmmaking comes from a deeply personal place. “For me, it has always been the need to tell a story. Literally, that is it. I have a driving need to take these characters off the paper and make it real. I am an autistic spectrum adult, so I don’t know if the word inspires really applies,” Hoffman says. “The need comes from within.”

Another major inspiration for his work as a filmmaker has also come from observing and learning from his peers. “I will say, however, that I learn a lot from other film makers…angles, ways to tell the story visually, things I should do, shots, things not to do,” Hoffman says.

Producing a web series, or a film or TV show of any kind on a next to nothing budget is challenging enough. Even though cameras haven’t started shooting on EXTRAORDINARY, Hoffman knew that he and his crew had their work cut out for them. “Since we have no budget for this piece, we are looking for locations and asking people to invest in the production by letting us use the location, and it has been humbling,” he adds.

11178293_1621075198115122_7209800050898825469_nAnother key ingredient in the success of any project produced for the web, TV or cinema is finding the right actors to bring written characters to life.

For Hoffman, the casting process comprised of auditions at local universities, plus usage of those old standbys Facebook and Craigslist. Despite the long lead time before filming, Hoffman says that finding the right people was of utmost importance – even if it meant having to make his choices quickly.

“EXTRAORDINARY is different from every other thing we have done in that we are shooting far enough out that I can pick and choose the perfect people – and we’re not settling,” he says. “If I’m not blown away, then I am not filling a part. That might bite me in the ass, but that’s the way it’s going to be.”

Hoffman feels that EXTRAORDINARY is truly unlike most movies, TV shows and web series that delve into the world of superheroes because it brings viewers characters that we can all relate to, no matter what incredible abilities they possess. It’s a quality that Hoffman strives to reflect in a crucial element of the series’ storytelling.

“Our writing is different than most – character driven, natural dialogue. In spite of the fact that these people have powers, I try to portray real people,” he says. “I think that many writers lose sight of the fact that no matter what they are writing about, the characters are that, and need to be real people.”

Nevertheless, Hoffman feels that EXTRAORDINARY will attract fans of other popular TV superhero series. “I think fans of the BBC series MISFITS would love it,” he says. “I also think that those that are enjoying or enjoyed GOTHAM, THE FLASH, ARROW, SMALLVILLE or HEROES will enjoy it, too.”

11159552_1621075418115100_255179505681008958_nEven though many popular TV shows, web series and movies can sometimes give viewers a moral lesson in each episode, Hoffman doesn’t seek to do any preaching or teaching in EXTRAORDINARY. In fact, he says, such aspirations can make the goal of entertaining viewers harder to achieve.

“Messages and themes have never really been my style. I’ve watched amazing shows and films turn sour because they decided they wanted to portray a message,” he says. “They become preachy and really lose sight of the point – entertainment – as they try to shoehorn their message into each episode, hobbling the writers.”

Simply put, EXTRAORDINARY promises to give viewers a powerful, exciting edge-of-your-seat ride in each episode. More importantly, it features characters who may be blessed with amazing supernatural powers, but in the end, have problems and flaws like the rest of us.

Overall, Hoffman says that the real meaning of EXTRAORDINARY is simple: “The theme, however is man vs. nature and man vs man. Beyond that, the message is: enjoy this. I think you’re really going to like it.”

(Note: Regarding closed-captioning, Hoffman says: “We are planning on it. I’m the guy behind the tech on the back end, and that’s something I’ve never done before, so it will be a challenge, but I am looking forward to that.”)

The trailer for season 1 of EXTRAORDINARY can be viewed here:




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