Everyday we are highlighting a few of the trailers submitted to the Independent Production Fund seeking funding. These shows are looking for your support by watching, sharing and commenting on youtube. The best concepts will be selected for funding and put into full production, so support your favorites! For more information on the IPF click here.

STUCK is an original comedy series about Rich (Pat Kelly) and Julie (Amy Matysio) – “nearlyweds”. Follow this childless couple as they navigate their everyday absurdities by watching, liking, commenting, sharing, and re-everythinging this concept episode so the smart and beautiful people at the IPF turn it into a full series.

We are Rich and Sarah. As a “nearlywed” couple that has been together for over 10 years, we can say with absolute certainty that our parents are “completely flummoxed” by our relationship. No house, no kids, but we’re proud to announce we did just purchase a “real” dresser for our bedroom. It’s now the third most expensive thing we own. Yay us! As we continue to fumble through the rolodex of ridiculous moments in our relationship, one thing has become clear: it’s more and more embarrassing to introduce ourselves as “boyfriend and girlfriend.” Does “life roommate” or “interdependent bestie” sound better? Fuck it… let’s go to Ikea.