When talking about Mythos it’s hard for me not to gush about the prolific crew member and boom operator extraordinaire Miriam Pultro who happens to have also starred, written and directed the series.

I don’t want to step on the toes of the article I wrote about season one of this series, which garnered her a “Best Actress” award at last year’s ISA’s, along with a “Best Ensemble Cast” win at our very own Snobby Robot Awards the same year. ‘Sea And Sky’ is very much in the same vein yet up to a clearly superior production level.

Everything I said about the first part, the great cast, excellent music and lovely imagery rings true of the second. I particularly fell in love with the song at the end of the show – great imagery combined with beautiful music by Jetty Rae, a girl with a voice that sounds like I’ve known it for years but never actually heard before.

I indirectly complemented Pultro’s direction last time around so I want to make sure I do so more directly this time. She’s made an excellent choice in director of photography Austin Kite and together they seem to have made a great team. Composition, lighting, editing, all are consistently among the best I’ve seen, and they are complimented with some excellent production design. This is what a movie is supposed to look like.

The most impressive aspect of Sea And Sky are the three flashback sequences which were shot in some of the more, shall we say, forest-y portions of New York. They all look so good. Now keep in mind that Mythos is a mythology based series that follows the modern day struggles of the ancient gods, living among us. This means that those flashbacks are, like, a long ass time ago. The clothes are amazing, the language is Norwegian, but it sounds like what gods should be speaking. There was also snow, and really great acting in the cold.

Sidebar – I now want to shoot a movie in the freezing cold, with snow everywhere. Real snow, not that fake shit we have in California.

Another thing I really like about Mythos ~ Sea And Sky, is that I don’t know a thing about mythology – I got half way through Edith Hamilton’s book in high school before I decided to just ‘fake it till I make it’ the rest of the way – but I found myself wishing I knew more so that I could make all of the obvious connections between the characters. Mythos is made with an obvious affection for mythology and a lot of layers – if you are a fan of such things you will absolutely love this.

Last time Mythos was featured on #WebSeriesWednesday we had some rough technical difficulties that have been since fixed by the Time Warner Cable repair dude (he hooked me up with a new modem, complimented my DVD / videogame collection, and praised my custom PC build). This time things went pretty swimmingly, though there were some mild issues that popped up in the film. There was occasionally some unevenness in the sound, and some oddities in the mix that could potentially be addressed. I feel like I’m missing another mild issue as well – but overall that is all they are, mild.

With around a twenty five minute run time ‘Sea And Sky’ tells a complete story, but it is clearly just a set up for the rest of a potential season two. S&S is clearly a pilot, so don’t go in expecting the most solid story arc, but rather an intriguing set up coming off the heels of a solid first season. Hopefully Miriam and the crew will be able to finish this story off.

You can find Mythos season 1 and ‘Sea And Sky’ at http://mythosseries.com