Sometimes I watch certain shows and I realize, there is just no excuse for not making a web series. More to the point, there is really no excuse for not making a series that you want to see. Sure we can’t all have big time special effects or stories than span the globe but if we work with what we have it shouldn’t be too hard to make something you are proud of.

‘Lucy Knows Love’ was filmed over a 48 hour stretch in a single location. Each episode follows a similar structure with a guest joining Lucy on her brief morning talk show segment to ask her one question about love.

As it turns out, if there is anyone in actual need to love advice it seems to be Lucy herself, as her answers all seem to revolve around a loosely similar, far worse scenario she found herself in at some point.

Of course, while that is the basic mold for the series all 8 season one episodes were written at the same time, which allowed room for the creation of a simple story arc as well as for a handful of episodes that drastically change up the formula.

It’s hard to pick out a single favorite episode since they all deliver on a solid unique premise. If I had to pick one though, I think I’d go with Ep #6, Tequila, which is really just Lucy and a guy she met in a bar the night before having a very serious drunk discussion on a morning talk show.

I love the freedom a format like this gives a creator and the room for improvisation from the actors. Each episode cast one guest actor whose job it is t really deliver the episode. While Susan Louise O’Connor aka ‘Lucy’ is the backbone of the show, each episode lives and dies with the performance of the guest player. I can’t imagine episodes like “The Bird” being pulled off without those puzzled looks into the camera from guest star Mathew Murumba.

There is a set of promos listed as a “season 2” on the website for ‘Lucy Knows Love’ and these follow Lucy out into the real world interviewing people she runs into on the streets. Choosing the outdoor location likely made things a tad more complicated production wise but it opens up a whole extra dimension to the comedy. Now, instead of suspecting guests, she has random people in the middle of their day, doing their own thing, to bug with her questions about love.

This gets a little bit into how our choice of available locations impacts the stories we can tell. More to the point though, my big take away was that I could come up with a location, write the story around it, then do it all over again. If ‘Lucy’ is to get a second season who knows where it could take place, in a Starbucks, on a street corner, in her own apartment, who knows. The point is that no matter what location is ultimately chosen it feels like the material starts to write itself. That is what is cool about the single location format and a simple idea like ‘Lucy Knows Love.’ The story plays just about everywhere and each potential location can open up a myriad of creative possibilities.

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