No matter how good or how rough times can be, it’s always better to share them with a friend. At one time or another, though, even the best of friendships are bound to be tested. In all 8 episodes of season 2 of the acclaimed comedy web series DIBS, the friendship between roommates Joey (Jessie Jolles) and Emily (Tracy Soren) undergoes many challenges. Yet, it also strengthens as a result, and brings them closer than ever before.

That growth endures the unexpected and unpredictable moments that arise in their own personal romances, such as Joey’s evolving relationship with the socially awkward but caring Ben (Vincent Moore), and Emily’s struggles with her ex-boyfriend Pat (John Purcell). Rounding out the cast for season 2 is Pat Wise as the highly irritating Dwayne. The series is currently streaming on its official web site and Youtube pages.

While many TV shows and web series depict a somewhat exaggerated view of modern love and relationships, DIBS is unique because it takes a more realistic, yet totally humorous approach to its characters and the situations they find themselves in. As Soren explains, DIBS also stands out from other comedies not just because of its realistic view of female friendships, but also because of its positive portrayal of male/female relationships.

“We showed what a strong friendship between 2 women really is. We wanted an honest, relatable portrayal of female friendship. We think that’s important, and it’s deliberate in the show that the guys we have are not bad guys,” she says. “They’re not the focal point (the love interest), but they’re not bad guys.”

For Jolles and Soren, growth proved to be the main watchword in many aspects of DIBS’ season 2. Nowhere is that more evident than in the growth of the show’s 2 main protagonists.  “In season 1, we see that Joey’s a little bit more comfortable when Emily’s around. She gets a little bit nervous, but both of the characters are a little bit nervous. We see her grow into her own a bit in season 2,” Soren says.

In fact, how well Emily and Joey respond to unexpected moments is another key part of their growth throughout each episode. “For Emily, we see her thrown into a situation that she can’t control, and how she reacts to that, as well,” adds Soren. “We put them in situations where we really have to push what we established about them, and to see how they would handle each of those situations as they came.”

Season 2 of DIBS also depicts how Emily and Joey’s overall friendship is affected by the others who they share their lives, and loves, with. “We also see the growth of their relationship through a change in the relationship with the other people in their life,” adds Soren.

“So it’s adding on to what season 1 established without detracting from the main focal point of the relationship. We really just tried to strengthen the two characters as individuals, but also their friendship.”

As season 1 gave way to season 2, the show’s overall production style evolved substantially. Given that DIBS was their first major project as filmmakers, the knowledge that Jolles and Soren gained during filming season 1 would serve them well during production of its second season.

Thanks to a successful crowd funding campaign via one of the web’s most popular fundraising platforms, the show’s co-stars/co-creators had plenty of help in keeping their well-oiled machine going.

“We’re more confident in our abilities and in the show, not that we didn’t think so in season 1 but because the first thing we ever did was season 1,” Soren says. “We gave our all for season 1 and we loved what we did, but the quality of season 2 is better. We fundraised on Seed and Spark, and we made our goal, and we were able to really put (with the help of all our actors) the money towards everything we needed to make this the best season that this could be.”

Bringing viewers a quality web series in all aspects, from writing, to acting, to sound and visuals, was perhaps the biggest goal Jolles and Soren sought to achieve for season 2 of DIBS.

“We wanted really to make sure it’s a really professionally looking web series, and that we take it really seriously,” she recalls. “We want it to be really, really well done. As actors and writers, we were more confident in our ability. We had a lot of fun and we were really excited just because we were more comfortable on set.”

A huge part of that fun atmosphere on-set was provided by the series’ talented and hilarious ensemble cast, culled from New York’s famed Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, plus a dedicated crew behind the camera. Thanks to their hard work, Jolles and Soren were able to keep the show’s production as efficient, and as enjoyable, as possible.

“It was a really supportive environment. Everyone just did a great job. We work with a lot of New York City improvisers and everyone was so incredible,” Soren says. “Everyone is so funny and they’re able to take rewrites and go off that, and it’s just really, really great to watch. We were just surrounded by really talented people, which was really lovely. Everyone was just really funny and did a great job.”

Throughout all 8 episodes of DIBS’ season 2, viewers will get more than just big laughs. They’ll see a truly honest, open depiction of friendship and romance, and how the relationship between two best friends evolves and endures through the ups and downs of life itself. Overall, DIBS proves that no matter what happens, every moment in life means so much more when you’ve got someone to lean on.

“Our show focuses on the strength of their friendship, and how they’re there for each other not only in the big moments but also in the small moments, as well,” Soren says. “We really want to focus on those small life moments and the chemistry between the two characters, and tell a really good story of a really strong friendship, not just when everything’s falling apart but when things are also going smoothly.”