The Actors Room is a boutique acting school, offering coaching, talent management and production services. Readers of this site might know them best for their large scale web series ‘One Warm Night’ and their awesome premiere party we covered way back at the dawn of this web site – not to mention their quite insightful interview video we did with them back in 2013.

Last week I was invited to what was essentially the grand opening of their new space in Fullerton, somewhere in the neighborhood of around 35 miles south of Hollywood – aka my neck of the woods.

The space features offices for post production tasks such as editing, along with common interiors used for filming, such as a bar, a comedy club style stage and a green screen. The space will serve as a new location for their acting classes, meetings and production work.

In attendance was the Mayor of Fullerton, Greg Sebourn, along with representatives of Congressman Ed Royce, and members of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. The implication to me was that the city of Fullerton, along with Steven Lowe – Founder of ‘The Actors Room’ — is committed to bringing at least a little piece of Hollywood down south to Orange County.

In his speech following a video featuring clips from the professional work his actors had done, Steven described ’The Actors Room’ as a place where his students could come, be comfortable and practice their creativity – just like we all did in our room’s back at home when we were younger. A novel idea, and while it’s probably not unique to southern California, it’s nice to be able to find it somewhere outside of Hollywood.

For more on ‘The Actors Room’ check out their website,

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